Sriperumbudur 108 Divya Desam Temples


Neervanna Perumal, facing east


Animamalar Mangai, facing east

Other Deities

Garudan, Anjaneya, Thiruvenkatamudayan, Valmiki, Ramar, Aandal, Azhwars, Renganathar, Renganayaki, Ulagalantha Perumal, Santha Narasimhar, Baktha Anjaneya

Thiruneermalai comprises of two temples, one in the ground level and one in the hill and is considered as one Divya Desam temple. Below at the foot of the hill is the temple where the main deity of Neervanna Perumal resides. The temple is entered through a 3 tiered east facing Rajagopuram. To your right is the Sanctum Sanctorum of Lord Neervanna Perumal. Praying to him is seen Sage Valmiki. In the same sanctum is also present Lord Vishnu as Thiruvenkatamudayan. To the left front is a large Mandapam which leads to the Goddess Shrine, Palliarai and Kalayana Rama Shrine. Circumambulating the Sanctum you reach the Aandal Shrine, continuing which you reach the front of the Sanctum again. There is a large temple tank behind and in the west of the temple. In front of the Rajagopuram is a four pillar Mantapam and the entrance arch to the hill temple which is reached by climbing about 200 steps. On your way up is a separate shrine for Baktha Anjaneya. The hilltop temple is south facing with 2 Prakarams. Crossing the balipeedam, flagstaff and Garudan you climb a set of stairs to see the main deity of Lord Renganatha, in lying posture. To your left in front is the east facing shrine of Goddess Renganayaki. Circumambulating in the levated platform you find the shrines of Lord Ulagalantha Perumal and Santha Narasimha. Thus you see Lord Vishnu in all postures of Standing, Sitting, Walking and Lying down in Thiruneermalai.

Holy Water (Theertham) – 4 Theerthams: Ksheera Pushkarini, Karunya Pushkarini, Sidhdha Pushkarini, Swarna Pushkarini

Vimaanam – Thoyagiri Vimaanam


Thirumangai Azhwar and Boodhathazhwar (7-9th Century CE) have rendered Mangalasasanam for the Lord here at Thiruneermalai. The temple has been served by several dynasties of Kings. When Thirumangai Azhwar came her the palce was inaccessible, being surrounded with water. he had to wait for 6 months outside the village and thus the name came to be as Thiruneermalai. The temple is also known by several other names including Thoyasam, Kandavanam and Thoyathri Kshetram. The greatness of Thiruneermalai is mentioned in Brahmanda Puranam as told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna.


After worshiping at the Hill Temple, Sage Valmiki desired to see the Lord in more forms. The Lord appeared as Rama, Mahalakshmi as Seetha, Aadhiseshan as Lakshmana, Vishwaksena as Sugreeva and Garuda as Hanuman to please him. Still disatisfied, he was blessed by the Lord who appeared as Neervanna Perumal. Another version for the name is that Surya, the Sun God was in a lethargic and dazed condition after partaking the offerings during several Yagas performed by Devas and Sages. He was advised by the Lord to come here and consume the flora around to get relief. His presence here dried up the place and the Lord heeding to the request of the Sages brought down heavy rains and flooded the place all around.


Thiruneermalai is 4 kilometers west of Pallavaram and easily accessible by road and public transport.

Stay and Food

None locally below. Closest is Pallavaram. A wonderful Prasadam shop on the hilltop temple serves delicious food, of particular mention being the small Dosa smeared with chilli powder and oil.

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