Subramanya Swamy Vallakottai

Subramanya Swamy, Vallakottai

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Subramanya Swamy, facing east


Valli and Devyanai along with the main deity

Other Deities

Sage Agastya, Arunagirinathar, Vallalar, Pamban Swamigal, Kalabhairava, Idumban, Kadamban, Vijaya Ganapathi, Karumari Thirupura Sundari, Bala Gnana Ganapathi, Bala Gnana Murugan, Muruga with consorts.

Subramanya Swamy Vallakottai is a large east facing temple with a 5 tiered Rajagopuram at the entrance in the South. To the east of the temple is the temple tank and a small temple for Varadaraja Perumal. The temple has a single spacious Prakaram and is crowded at all times. The entire prakaram is covered by the Mantapam all around. The main deity is about 7 feet tall. Two peacock mounts face the main deity and his consorts in the Sanctum Sanctorum. All festivals are celebrated here grandly and devotees come to pierce the ears, shave their heads and offer milk to please the lord here at Subramanya Swamy Vallakottai.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Vajra Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Padiri (Stereospermum chelonoides)


Saint Arunagirinathar (15th Century CE) has sung the praise of Lord Muruga in 8 songs here at Subramanya Swamy Vallakottai in his Thirupugazh.


The Devas sought the help of Murugan to subdue a demons called Vallan. He waged a war and slayed the demon at this place and thus the place was called as Vallan Kottai (Fort of Vallan). Indra, the king of Devas, was advised by his Guru, Brihaspathi, to come here to worship Lord Muruga. Indra pierced the earth with his weapon Vajrayudha, created a tank and performed ablution to Lord Murugan and worshiped him. Thus the tank created by Indra is Vajra Theertham.

A King by name Bhagiratha who ruled the Elanji Kingdom down south was arrogant to Sage Narada. To teach him a lesson Narada instigated a demon king named Goran to attack and take over Elanji kingdom. Bhagiratha lost his Kingdom and realizing his mistake, he apologized to Narada who the advised him to seek Sage Durvasa’s advise. Sage Durvasa advised Bhagiratha to worship Murugan at Vallakottai to get back his kingdom. The king worshiped Murugan at this place for a long time and built the temple here at Subramanya Swamy Vallakottai.

The lord is believed to have appeared in the dream of Saint Arunagirinathar who was on his way to Thirutani from Thirporur and asked him why he forgot his abode in Vallakottai.


Subramanya Swamy Vallakottai is 4 kilometers north of Oragadam and 10 kilometers south of Sriperumbudur off the road connecting the two towns.

Stay and Food

Snack and tea shops available locally. Oragadam and Sriperumbudur have restaurants and hotels.

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