Neelakandeswarar Gerugambakkam

Neelakandeswarar Gerugambakkam

Sriperumbudur Saivite Temples


Neelakanteswarar, facing east


Aadhi Kamakshi, facing south

Other Deities

Navagraha, Nagaraja, Kethu

Neelakandeswarar Gerugambakkam is one of the Navagraha temples around Chennai representing Kethu. This temple is said to have been left unfinished and still looks the same. A small temple and a large temple pond adjacent, but everything needs attention. The goddess deity is tall and in a standing position. Kethu (south lunar node) is in  a separate shrine.

The Navagraha Temples around Chennai are:

1. Kolampakkam – Agastheeswarar (Surya)
2. Somangalam – Somanatheeswarar (Chandran)
3. Poonamallee – Vaitheeswarar (Angaaragan)
4. Kovur – Sundareswarar (Budhan)
5. Porur – Ramanatheswarar (Guru)
6. Mangadu – Velleeswarar (Sukran)
7. Pozhichalur – Agastheeswarar (Sani)
8. Kundrathur – Nageswarar (Rahu)
9. Gerugambakkam – Neelakandeswarar (Kethu)

Holy Water (Theertham) – No Information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No Information


Neelakandeswarar Gerugambakkam is said to have been constructed during the Chola Period, but left unfinished due to invasions and wars.


The name of the lord came about after he swallowed the poison that came out from the churning of the ocean by the Devas and Asuras. This turned his throat into blue (Neela). Kanta means throat – Blue Throated Lord.


Neelakandeswarar Gerugambakkam is about 6 kilometers from the St.Thomas Mount – Porur road. Take the left just after crossing Adyar River bridge and drive on crossing Manapakkam and Kolapakkam to reach Neelakandeswarar Gerugambakkam.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea shops. Chennai is advisable.

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