Ramanatheeswarar Sirukalathur

Ramanatheeswarar, Sirukalathur

Sriperumbudur Saivite Temples


Ramanatheeswarar, facing east


Parvathavardhini (also Visalakshi), facing south

Other Deities

Vaibhavalakshmi, Vinayaka, Surya

Ramanatheeswarar Sirukalathur is a small and ancient temple on a small hillock. The temple had been badly damaged but recently some efforts are on to renovate and bring it back to glory. The Shiva Lingam is on a square Aavudayar (base). A rare sight of Seetha as Goddess Vaibhavalakshmi is seen here.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No Information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No Information


Ramanatheeswarar Sirukalathur has been estimated to belong to the 10th Century CE based on the style of its architecture. This is the area where Sekkizhar was born and lived. From the fact that unlike other old temples in the area his idol is not seen, one could assume that this temple belongs to an earlier period.


Lord Rama to rid himself of the sin of killing Ravana is said to have visited many Shiva temples on his way back and Ramanatheeswarar Sirukalathur is considered one such and hence the name of the lord. It is also believed by the presence of Seetha as Goddess Vaibhavalakshmi that this is where she proved to the world that she is an Avatar of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Sekkizhar who used to go to Thiruvannamalai for Girivalam was once not well and he was said to have been told by the lord to perform the same around this hillock.


Ramanatheeswarar Sirukalathur is on a small hillock near the banks of the Chembarambakkam Lake, about 10 kilometers northwest of Pallavaram and about 1.5 kilometers after Kundrathur.

Stay and Food

None locally. Chennai is advisable.

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