Thiruvaaleeswarar Padappai

Thiruvaaleeswarar, Padappai

Sriperumbudur Saivite Temples


Thiruvaaleeswarar, facing east


Kamakshi, facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaka and Sastha at the entrance outside the Rajagopuram. Nataraja, Naalvar, Karpaga Vinayaka, Muruga with consorts, Saneeswarar, Bhairava, Navagraha, Suryan, Chandran. Sanctum Niches – Narthana Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara

Thiruvaaleeswarar Padappai is an ancient east facing temple which was found in a neglected state and taken up for revival and renovation in recent times. The entrance is through a 3 tiered Rajagopuram in the east. A single large and spacious Prakaram houses all the shrines and the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Thiruvaaleeswarar Padappai is an ancient temple going back to the Chola era. There are some stone inscriptions around the base of the Sanctum Sanctorum, the details of which are not available as of now.


Though the exact information is not available it could be assumed that Thiruvaaleeswarar Padappai would have the legend of Vaali, of Ramayana, having installed and worshiped the Lingam here.


Thiruvaaleeswarar Padappai is in the western part of Padappai and in a village called Athanacheri. Take the left before the road going to Orathur and drive for 500 meters the narrow road to reach the temple. Padappai is 7 kilometers west of Vandalur.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea shops. Closest is Tambaram, Vandalur and the restaurants in the GST Road.

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