Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery

Vimeeswarar, Cherapananchery

Sriperumbudur Saivite Temples


Vimeeswarar, facing east


Swarnambikai, facing south

Other Deities

Surya, Two Nandis

Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery is an ancient temple that is on the verge of being overtaken by developments. It is right on the road which goes between the Nandi’s and Surya Shrine. The circular Sanctum Sanctorum is on a raised platform (Maada Kovil) and is largely dilapidated. The Vimaanam which would be a Gajaprastham structure is completely disappeared. Fortunately, many interesting and valuable aspects of the temple’s structure are still there and awaiting attention from organizations and well wishes to safeguard, repair and restore to its original glory. Two large Nandi’s are present one before the other in front of the Lord. The Shiva Lingam is a huge one at about 6 feet tall from the floor. The Lingam has got a natural mark resembling a snake on it. The Sanctum Niches were empty at the time of our visit in 2019. There is a small temple tank adjoining and to the north of the temple. Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery and Mannivakkam Shiva temple were built by the same Architect.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Temple Ponds – Agni Theertham, Brahma Theertham, and Vishnu Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery was renovated by Kulothunga Chola III. There are stone inscriptions around the Sanctum Sanctorum in Tamil and Granthi script dating back to 1182 CE belonging to Rajaraja Chola and Rajendra Chola. This place was also known as Peruvanchur, Rajendra Chola Nallur, and Kesari Nallur in those days.


Surya, the Sun God, is believed to have created a Theertham, bathed in it and prayed to the Lord for wellness to all here at Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery along with the 27 Celestial Stars. Thus the lord was called as Vinmeen(Stars) Easwarar which later became corrupted to Vimeeswarar over time. Planet Venus is believed to have prayed to the Goddess here seeking a special status. He was gifted a gold (Swarnam) ornament and thus the goddess here at Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery is called Swarnambikai.


Vimeeswarar Cherapananchery is 12 kilometers west of Vandalur in the road going to Oragadam and comes after crossing Padappai. At Cherapananchery junction take a right towards the north and drive for 400 meters to reach the temple which is in the main road itself.

Stay and Food

None locally. Vandalaur, Tambaram and the GST Road have a few restaurants. Oragadam is also fine for food.

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