Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam

Sreenivasa Perumal, Nandambakkam

Vaishnavite Temples, Tambaram Taluk


Sreenivasa Perumal with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi, facing east


Alarmel Mangai, facing east

Other Deities

Garudan, Aandal, Baktha Anjaneya, Kotandaramaswamy, Ramanujar, Manavala Mamuni, Thirukachi Nambi, Nammazhwar, Nandavana Kannan, Ananda Anjaneyar, Chakkarathazhwar

Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam is a beautiful east facing temple with a 5 tiered Rajagopuram at the eastern entrance. The main deity of Sreenivasa Perumal is different with each of his 4 hands showing the Abhaya Mudra and Vara Mudra and the other two holding the Conch and Disc. The normal Mace is absent. In a separate south facing shrine is Lord Rama in coronation posture with his brothers and Sita sitting on his lap, considered a specialty here. Several decades before the processional deity of Parthasarathy Perumal in Triplicane had visited this temple when Thirumanjanam (bathing ritual) had been performed for both the temples’ processional deities and ornaments exchanged.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Bringi Theertham, Vanmiga Nadhi (Adyar River)

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Athi (Ficus racemosa)

Vimaanam – Nalinaga Vimaanam


Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam temple was built by Sanjeevarayar, the local governor of Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire (years of reign 1509 – 1529 CE). The place is mentioned in both versions of Ramayana authored by Valmiki and Kambar as Brindaranyam and Nandavanam respectively. Several nearby villages including Eekkattuthangal, Parangimalai (St.Thomas Mount), Ramapuram, Seethapuram, Hanumanthapuram and Lakshmanapuram had been gifted to Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam temple for its maintenance and operations.


Lord Rama is believed to have stayed here in his search for Sita and met Sage Bringi who was living in this area where Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam is situated.


Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam can be reached by taking a right immediately after the War Cemetery before Chennai Trade center when you go from St.Thomas Mount and going in about 500 meters in the MES road. Enter the Ramar Kovil Street and to reach Sreenivasa Perumal Nandambakkam.

Stay and Food

There are several restaurants in the main road going from St.Thomas Mount to Porur.

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