Chathurbuja Ramar Ponpadarkoodam

Chathurbuja Ramar, Ponpadarkoodam

Vaishnavite Temples, Cheyyur Taluk


Chathurbuja Kotandaramar, facing east


Sita with the main deity

Other Deities

Lakshmana, Garuda, Bhavya Anjaneya, Lakshminarayana, Vishwaksenar, Nammazhwar, Thirumangai Azhwar, Ramanujar, Mahadesikar

Chathurbuja Ramar Ponpadarkoodam is a small east facing temple with a single spacious prakaram. The main deity with four hands (holding Bow, Arrow, Shanku (Conch) and Chakra (Discus)) is with Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya worshiping them in the side. Anjaneya is seen with his hand closing his mouth as obedience to the lord and is considered a rare idol. The vimaana is tall, painted in gold and the temple is very well maintained and attended to. The entrance is through a gateway in the east. The processional deity is beautifully crafted with the finger prints and nails depicted in detail. A ring is in his finger which can be removed and put back. Rama here is said to be in the form of Mahavishnu here with Mahalakshmi depicted in his chest. His left leg is forward as if pressing the bow to bend it representing the Swayamvara episode where he wins Sita’s hand. This is said to be a rare idol.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Devaraja Pushkarini, Sesha Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information

Vimaanam – Pushpaka Vimaanam


Chathurbuja Ramar Ponpadarkoodam is an old temple. Historical information is not available as on date. The placed was called Prapada Mahaadevarajapuram in the olden days.


The lord at Chathurbuja Ramar, Ponpadarkoodam is believed to have cured the skin ailment of a devotee who was cursed and people suffering from such ailments come here to worship and give offerings. Lord Rama appeared with his four hands (Chathur Buja) only to four people – his mother Kausalya, Anjaneya, Thrijadai (a companion of Sita in Ashoka Vana in Srilanka) and Mandodhari (wife of Raavana). Sage Devaraja who wished to see this rare form was given the vision here at Chathurbuja Ramar Ponpadarkoodam. In 1982 when the Pattabishekam ceremony was being performed for Lord Rama here at Chathurbuja Ramar Ponpadarkoodam a monkey is said to have appeared and sat through the proceedings without disturbing and leaving after the rituals were completed. There were no monkeys in this area normally.


Chathurbuja Ramar Ponpadarkoodam is about 12 kilometers south-west of Thirukazhukundram via Vazhuvadur and Mudaiyur on the north bank of the Palar River.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Thirukazhukundram.

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