Kinathukadavu Murugan

Kinathukadavu Murugan

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Dhandayudhapani, facing east

Other Gods

Vinayaka, Idumban

Kinathukadavu Murugan is situated on a small hill called Kanakagiri and Ponmalai about 600 ft high with about 200 steps leading up to the Shrine. On the way are shrines for Vinayaka and Idumban. Saint Arunagirinadar, in his song, longs for 4000 eyes to appreciate the beauty of the Lord here. Muruga is seen here as Dhandayudhapani with a Dhandam (rod) in his right hand and the left hand on his hips. He is 4 feet tall and faces east. The idol is adorned with Rudraksh, sword and aspects of the sun and moon, considered an unique feature. The processional deity is Pon Velayudhaswamy with consorts Valli and Devyanai.

Holy water (Theertham) – The hill has perennial springs which are considered the Theertham here.

Holy Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Sandal (Santalum album)


Kinathukadavu Murugan temple was built by the Mysore Kings 700 years ago. Puravipalayam Zamindars are the hereditary custodians of this temple and have contributed to its development. Arunagirinadar (15th Century CE) has sung hymns in praise of the lord here.


In his anger with his parents over the distribution of a sacred fruit, Muruga left for Palani. Around that time his footprints are said to have been imprinted here at Kinathukadavu Murugan temple. The footprints on the rock are worshiped today also. Pooja is performed to the footprints before the lord.

A diwan of the Maharaja of Mysore was suffering from an incurable sour in his feet and upon the command of Lord Muruga in his dream he came here to worship the footprints. The ash provided here was smeared in his sores and it healed. Upon reciting this to the Maharaja he ordered the building of this temple.

Another story is that the Zamindar of Puravipalayam built this because he could not visit Palani Murugan due to some misunderstanding with the zamindar of that area and was distressed. Lord Muruga appeared in his dream and commanded him to visit the footprints and later to build the Kinathukadavu Murugan Temple.


Kinathukadavu is 26 kms from Coimbatore on the Pollachi road.  Kinathukadavu Murugan temple is visible from and easily accessible from the main road. Vehicles cannot go up.

Stay and Food

A few tea shops can be found, but nothing else worth mentioning. Closest place of stay are Coimbatore and Pollachi.

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