Koniamman Coimbatore

Koniamman Coimbatore

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Koniamman with 9 hands, facing north


Other Deities

Ganesha, Navagraha, Saptha Maadhar

Koniamman Coimbatore is believed to have been in existence before the days of Cheran Chenguttuvan. The temple situated in the heart of the city is north facing with a 5 tier Rajagopuram at the entrance in the north. Original clay deity is believed to have been damaged partially during invasions and is installed in the upper level with Sapthamaadhar. The annual Car(Ther) Festival and the Dussehra celebrations are grand here with the deity being adorned in different attires each day. The Navagrahas are installed with their consorts here at Koniamman Coimbatore .

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Koniamman Coimbatore was originally built by the leader of a small tribe known as ‘Irulas’ about six hundred years ago. Later when there was a fear of invasion by the Chera kingdom the Illangosar tribe ruling at that time, built a new fort. To guard this fort, they believed in the guardian deity Koniamman and developed the temple further. Later the original Clay Idol was badly damaged during the Mughal invasions and later during the Mysore dynasty rule one of its kings renovated the temple and consecrated Devi Koniamman in the style of “Mahisasura Mardhani”.


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Koniamman Coimbatore is in Town hall road, Rajaveedhi of Coimbatore, west of the railway junction.

Stay and Food

Coimbatore has several good Hotels, Lodges and Restaurants. Coimbatore itself is well known for the quality and taste of food and there are several wonderful restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine. The Annapoorna / Gowrishankar hotel chain still has its name and maintains the quality. Sadly I miss the lovely railway canteen food for which people in passing trains used to get up early and rush to buy in those days.

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