Subramaniaswamy Pollachi

Subramaniaswamy Pollachi

Other Temples, Coimbatore District


Sundareswarar, Ahastheeswaramudayar, facing east



Other Gods

 Vinayaka, Subramaniya, Dakshinamurthi, Ligothbavar, Durga, Chandikeswara, Bhairava

Subramaniaswamy Pollachi is actually a shiva temple which is more popular as a Muruga temple. A 3 tier Rajagopuram is at the eastren entrance. Lord Muruga in the sanctum sanctorum with one face and four hands graces devotees with his consorts Valli and Deivanai. He is in a sitting posture holding Shakti and Vajram weapons in the upper hands. His lower hands are with assuring symbols – Abhaya and Varada Mudras. The peacock with its head on the left side is known as Deva Mayil. The idol of Lord Muruga with the covering frame (Tiruvachi), and the peacock is made of a single stone. Valli and Deivanai appear with a flower in one and show the Katya Valambitha mudra in the other hand. The stone frames at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum have two sculptures believed to be that of King Sundara Pandya and his queen. The temple is of high sculptural importance with many beautiful stone carvings including a five hooded serpent, a Yali with a chain from its mouth and carved zodiacal signs. The monolithic chains hanging from the chain is unique. Saints Tirugnana Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar, Kamadenu pouring its milk on Shivalinga, Kannappa Nayanar, Parvathi-Parameswara wedding, sage Markandeya, Muruga, Vinayaka and Dasavatharas are very realistically depicted in the pillars before the Lord shrine. The pillars before the shrine of Amman have beautiful creations of Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, Kamakshi, Kali, Mari Amman, Arthnareeswara, Govardhana Giridhari, Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Kalinga Nardana Krishna.

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Subramaniaswamy Pollachi temple was built during the period of Kongu Sundara Pandian and Kongu Tribhuvana Chakravarthi Vikrama Chola according to stone inscriptions and is thus  over 700 years old.


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Subramaniaswamy Pollachi is situated right inside Pollachi town.

Stay and Food

Pollachi has several good hotels and restaurants

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