Akshayanadar Thirumanthurai

Akshayanadar, Thirumanthurai

Saivite Temples, Thanjavur District


Akshayanadaswamy (also called Amravaneswarar, Manthurainadar), facing east


Yoganayagi, facing east

Other Deities

Haradattar, Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma, Muruga with consorts, Gajalakshmi, Kasi Viswanadar, Kasi Visalakshi, Sivakamasundari, Natarajar, Bhairava, Saneeswara, Surya, Chandran, Utchitta Ganapathy, Naalvar

Akshayanadar Thirumanthurai is a very large east facing temple with a 3 tier Rajagopuram and a holy tank in front. The main deity and goddess shrines are east facing and separate with their own Prakarams. These sanctums are enclosed by a large outer Prakaram and wall. Another important feature here is the presence of Utchitta Ganapathy with consort seated on his lap in a separate shrine. A sweet offering to the Lord called Panchamirtham is said to be prepared here using 64 herbs.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Akshaya Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Mango


Thirugnanasambandar (7th Century CE) has visited Akshayanadar Thirumanthurai temple and hence this is considered an Abimana Sthalam. The name of the temple is said to have come from the fact that Mango (Aam, Maavu) trees are all around. There are some stone inscriptions here dating back to the olden days which convey the legend of the temple is figurine form.


Chandran (moon) is believed to have undergone penance here at Akshayanadar Thirumanthurai to get rid of his curse by worshiping Lord Shiva. Sage Kalava and the Navagrahas are believed to have worshiped here to get rid of their curses. The god and goddess are believed to have married here and thus they are both seen adjacent facing east. The Pandava princes are believed to have been here and devoted an Akshayapatra (a vessel that provides food constantly) to the lord and hence his name here is Akshayanadar.


Akshayanadar Thirumanthurai is in between Thirumangalakudi and Kanjanur temples.

Stay and Food

None locally, nearest is Kumbakonam.

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