Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur

Parasunadhar, Muzhaiyur

Saivite Temples, Thanjavur District


Parasunadhar, facing east


Gnanambikai, facing south

Other Deities

Nardana Ganapathi, Uthishta Ganapathi, Arthanareswara, Appar, Sundarar and Tirugnanasambandar

Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur is a small east facing temple with a 3 tier Gopuram at the entrance. The Lingam though roundish has eight corners. Around the sanctum of Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur in place of the usual Lingotbavar or Vishnu, Ardhanareeswarar is seen. Another significance is that Lord Muruga holds a Trident instead of the usual Lance here at Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Not known

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Not known


Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur finds mention in Thevaram Hymns (7-9th Century CE). This area is part of the ancient second capital, Pazhaiyarai, of the Chola Dynasty and is steeped in History. The Paadal Petra Sthalam Pazhayarai Vadathali is north of Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur temple and nearby.


Parasurama came here to Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur to worship and get relief from the curse of killing his own mother on the instructions of his father Jamadagni. He is believed to installed the Lingam here at Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur and hence the name is Parashu Nadhar.


Parasunadhar Muzhaiyur is 6.5 kilometers south-west of Kumbakonam when you continue onwards from Darasuram.

Stay and Food

None locally. Kumbakonam is the best option.

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