Padal Petra Sthalam, Thanjavur District


Veeratteswarar (also Brahma Sirakandeeswarar, Brahmanadar, Aadhi Vilvanadar), facing west


Mangalanayagi, facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaga, Muruga with consorts, Mahalakshmi, Nataraja, Vishnu Durga, Bhairava, Ardhanareeswarar, Chandikeswara, Brahma, Lingotbavar, Pitchadanar, Dakshinamurthy, Navagraha, Sapthasthana Lingams, Panchabootha Lingams, Saraswathi, different representations of Vinayaka

Thirukandiyur is an important temple and is west facing with a 5 tier Rajagopuram at the west entrance. Thirukandiyur is one of the Eight Veeratta Temples. In the Tamil month of Maasi on the 13, 14 and 15th days the suns rays fall on the Lingam in the evening between 5.45 and 6.15 PM. The Holy Trinity is present here. Thirukkandiyur is one of the 7 temples which are part of the Thiruvaiyaru group and participate in some festivals together including Sapthasthanam. In this festival, the processional deities of all 7 temples converge together in their Palanquins near the temple car of Ayyarappar Temple and offerings of flowers are made by a doll (Poochorithal). The other 6 temples which are part of this ritual are Thiruvaiyaru, Tiruchotruthurai, Thiruvedhikudi, Thirupazhanam, Thirupoonturuthi and Tiruneithaanam. Thirukandiyur temple is famous for its sculptural wealth. Arthanareeswara is normally seen standing, but here is found seated. The sculptures of the standing Ganesha, Porkaliammai, Vishnudurgai, Brahma and Sarveswara in Penance are all beautiful specimens and artistically carved. Apart from these, the splendor extends to the mantapas and pillars – of particular mention are the Yali Pillars.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Nandi Theertham, Brahma Theertham, Daksha Theertham, River Kudamurutti

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilwam (Aegle marmelos)


Thirugnanasambandar and Thirunavukkarasar (7th Century CE) have rendered Thevaram hymns here at Thirukandiyur.


Lord Shiva is believed to have chopped off one of Brahma’s heads here at Thirukandiyur, and is thus one of the 8 Veeratta Temples. The Lord is said to have brought the Vilwa tree from Kailash for Sage Sadadaba and hence the place is also called Aadhilvilwaranyam. Surya is believed to have worshiped here at Thirukandiyur.


Thirukandiyur is on the main road between Thanjavur and Thiruvaiyaru and about 3 kilometers before the latter. Opposite this temple is the 108 Divyadesam Temple of Lord Vishnu.

Stay and Food

Tea and snack shops are available locally. Thanjavur is the best option for food and stay.

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