Padal Petra Sthalam, Thanjavur District


Arunajadeswarar, facing west


Thaalavaneswari (also Brahanayagi, Periyanayagi), facing east

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Muruga, Kungiliakalaya Nayanar, Sokkanadar, Narthana Vinayaka, Navagraha, Nataraja, Panchabootha Lingams, Bhairava, Surya, Chandran, 63 Nayanmars, Saptha Madar, Dakshinamurthy, Chandikeswara, Durga, Aadipura Amman

Thirupanandaal is a very large temple with vast courtyards and Prakarams. The west facing Rajagopuram is 7 tiered. A nice temple pond is inside the temple and there are Alangara Mantapam, Theerthavari Mantapam, Vahana Mantapam and 16 Pillared Mantapam. Thirupanandaal temple is in the middle of the town and surrounded by huge walls and large gopurams on both east and west sides. There are two male palm trees inside near which is the Lingam with a slant to it (see Legend below).

Holy Water (Theertham) – Brahma Theertham, Airavata theertham, Thadagai Theertham and several others including Naga Kannigai, Surya, chandra, Aadhisesha, Arithwasa, Dharmasena, Kooba and Manniaaru

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Panai (Palmyra Palm)


Thirugnanasambandar (7th Century CE) has rendered Thevaram hymns here at Thirupanandaal. There are stone inscriptions which mention Thirupanandaal temple’s name as Thiruthadagai Eacharam and the Lord’s name as Thadagacherathu Mahadevar in ancient times. Thirupanandaal temple was converted to a stone construction by a person called Nakkantharani who lived in Thirupanandaal village. The inscriptions also mention Kungiliakalaya Nayanar and his wife as Neelayi.


The Lingam which is supposed to have bent itself to a devotee called Thadagai, is said to have been straightened by Kungiliakalaya Nayanar here at Thirupanandaal. Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, Airavata, Sage Agastya, Surya, Chandran, Aadhiseshan, Nagakannigai, Thadagai and Kungiliakalaya Nayanar are believed to have worshiped here at Thirupanandaal.


Thirupanandaal is about 17 kilometers north of Kumbakonam in the Chennai road and before crossing the Kollidam Bridge (Anaikarai).

Stay and Food

Kumbakonam is the best option.

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