Padal Petra Sthalams, Thanjavur District


Valanchuzhinadar (also Chenchadainadar, Karpanadeswarar, Kabartheeswarar), facing east


Brahannayagi (also Periyanayagi) facing east

Other Deities

Vellaipillayar, Suvedha Vinayagar, Ashtabuja Kali, 22 & 32 lingams, Irattai Vinayakar, Jadatheertha Vinayagar, Nalvar, Sabthamadar, Bhairava, Saneeswara, Vani, Navagrahas

Thiruvalanchuzhi is a very large east facing temple with a 5 tier Rajagopuram and 3 Prakarams built in Chola style architecture. Raja Raja Chozhan was a staunch devotee of the Kali here at Thiruvalanchuzhi and always prayed to her before setting out on war or when faced with making important decisions. There are several other Shiva Lingams associated with great sages in this temple.  In the outer Praharam, there is a shrine dedicated to Ashtabhuja Mahakali or Kali with eight arms. Thiruvalanchuzhi temple is popularly known as Vellaipillaiyar Kovil, with the Ganesha idol made of Coral. Thiruvalanchuzhi temple is noted for its immense size and architectural brilliance.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Kaveri, Arasalar, Jadatheertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilvam (Aegle marmelos)


Thirugnanasambandar and Thirunavukkarasar (7th Century CE) have rendered Thevaram hymns here at Thiruvalanchuzhi. Thiruvalanchuzhi temple is originally believed to have been built by Kanaka Chola in prehistoric times. Inscriptions from the period of Raja Raja Chola (Reign‎ 985 CE – 1014 CE) indicate several endowments made by him. There are also inscriptions from the period of Parantaka Chola I (907 CE – 955 CE). Some Buddhist images are found here. Thiruvalanchuzhi temple is a treasure trove of fine architecture and beautiful sculptures.


Sage Dhurvasa is believed to have performed a Yagna here at Thiruvalanchuzhi which was attended by 22 great sages who installed the 22 Lingams they were worshiping in this temple itself. Indra and the Devas to overcome a curse by Sage Dhurvasa and to obtain Amirtham faced a lot of hurdles while churning the ocean. Narada advised them that cause of the hurdles was because they did not propitiate Lord Ganesha before beginning. the Devas hurriedly created one out of sea foam and worshiped. The Ganesha idol made of Coral is believed to be this same idol. Later Indra worshiped this idol every day and carried it of wherever he went.  Once, when he came to the banks of the Cauvery, he placed this idol on the ground before taking bath.  On his return, he could not move the idol from that place and willingly left it there which is the present day Thiruvalanchuzhi.  There is an ordinary looking Mantapa (Mannippu Mandapam) which is supposed to have been built by a King in one day to be pardoned for the sin of ordering the priest to perform Abhishekam to the Ganesha Idol against the rules.


Thiruvalanchuzhi is, when going from Thanjavur to Kumbakonam via Papanasam, on the left on the road to Swamimalai and close to Kumbakonam

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Kumbakonam

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