Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai

Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai

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Balasubramaniaswamy, facing east



Other Deities

Ganesha and Muruga with consorts in a separate sannidhi

Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai  Temple is in a beautiful location on the banks of the river, shady trees, a very peaceful temple, ideal for a packed lunch and rest too. Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai is an east facing temple on the banks of Kusasthalai River with a 3 tier Rajagopuram.  Muruga here is in Brahma Sastha form with one face, four hands, magical peacock and sakthivadivel (lance). In his rear arms are the Akshara Mala (garland) and Kamandalu (vessel) he took from Brahma. This is the form which is considered as the one he took to reprimand and teach Brahma the Pranava Mantra.

In the 3 Hymns of Arunagirinadar sung here at Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai he mentions all the death causing ailments that mankind could suffer from and mentions that surrender to Lord Muruga here could provide relief.

Holy Water – Kusasthalai River

Holy Tree – No information


Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai is estimated to be 1000 years old, but renovations and additions have been done in modern times. Aadhi Shankara (8th century CE), Arunagirinadhar (15th Century CE) and Raghavendrar (14th – 15th Century CE) have worshiped here at Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai. Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai finds mention in Matsya Puranam, Koorma Puranam, Bhavishya Puranam, Linga Puranam and Markandeya Puranam


300 years ago a Christian British officer is said to have worshiped here at Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai and Muruga appeared in front of him as a Brahmin child. Thus the lord here is also called as Padhiri (Christian Priest) Murugan.

Brahma, Chitragupta, Narada, Navagrahangal and the snake goddesses are believed to have worshiped here. The idol represents the posture Muruga took after knocking Brahma on the head for not being proficient in his job of creation and taking over the same himself.

the river Kusasthalai flow from south to north here and is thus considered very holy. This is also the reason for the temple to


From Poonamallee proceed to the Thandalam Junction on the Bangalore Highway where you take the right at the fork on Empee Distilleries to Perambakkam and then onward to reach Balasubramaniaswamy Bagasalai. Public transport is available till Perambakkam and from there you can take a local auto.

Stay and Food

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