Agastheeswarar Ponneri

Agastheeswarar Ponneri

Saivite Temples, Thiruvallur District


Agastheeswarar, facing east


Ananthavalliammai, facing east

Other Deities

 Ganesha, Navagrahas, Naalvar, Nataraja, Sivakami, Vinayaka, Veerabadhra, Muruga with consorts,  Durga, Bairava, Surya

Agastheeswarar Ponneri Temple is an east facing temple with a 3 tier Rajagopuram. There is a temple tank in front of the Rajagopuram and a 16 Pillar Mantapam adjoining it. The east facing goddess shrine on the right side of the lord’s sanctum sanctorum is a specialty here. Agastheeswarar Ponneri has 2 Prakarams. Agastheeswarar Ponneri is majestically located next to the Arani River that flows north of the temple. The temple has a legendary connection with the nearby Perumal Temple.

Holy Water – Agni Theertham (Anandavalli Pushkarini)

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilvam (Aegle marmelos)

Vimanam  – Gajaprashtam


Agastheeswarar Ponneri was built up by King Rajaraja Chola.


Sage Agasthya on his way down south on the instructions of Lord Shiva, to create a balance between north, where his marriage was taking place, and the south, installed and worshiped many Shiva Lingams. This is one of them. Also when sage Agastya was suffering with a great stomach pain consuming the Viboothi (Holy Ash for smearing on the forehead and body) here is believed to have cured him.

Another story is that Parvathi disturbed the penance of Shiva by sprinkling due drops on him and he cursed her to be borne as a human being to undergo suffering. On the advice of Sage Narada she met Sage Agastya here, bathed in the temple tank and worshiped Lord Shiva to get relieved from the curse.


Agastheeswarar Ponneri is about 42 kms from Chennai off the Kolkatta Highway. Take the right at Thachur road junction to reach Ponneri Town. There are quite a few temples around the area which can be combined to make a half a day trip.

Stay and Food

Ponneri has a nice little restaurant, Balaji Hotel near the temple road junction where one can get good food.

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