Chandrasekaraswamy New Gummidipundi

Chandrasekaraswamy New Gummidipundi

Saivite Temples, Thiruvallur District


 Chandrasekaraswamy, facing east


Deivanayagi, facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaga, Subramnia with consorts

So neglected and dilapidated was this wonderful temple that tears welled up in our eyes as we discovered the place and went inside. Soon afterwards we wrote about this in a blog and got a few people interested to support the restoration efforts –

Chandrasekaraswamy New Gummidipundi is an east facing with a dilapidated Entrance Gopuram in the south.  Attempts by a hereditary trustee Mr.Muthukumaraswamy (9952025463) are currently on to renovate and reinforce the structures. Nithya Pradosham is a unique feature of this temple.

During our subsequent visit in 2018, it was heartening to see the temple has been restored and regular worship had started.


Stone inscriptions dating back to 1033 CE confirm the long existence of Chandrasekaraswamy New Gummidipundi temple. Snake and fish inscriptions seen here suggest the involvement of ancient Kingdoms in the temple.


Nithya Pradosham is a unique feature here and this should have a legendary connection of the temple.


Take a left just before the Gummidipundi railway station on the Kolkata highway, immediately after the Zion Church and drive for about 4 kilometers past the baleeswarar temple and an anjaneya temple to reach Chandrasekaraswamy New Gummidipundi temple. The location is called New Gummidipundi. There are 2 other temples in the area and may be combined with them. The temples are in bad state and not open always.

Stay and Food

Gummidipundi has a few restaurants by nothing great.

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