Chintamaneeswarar Karungali

Chintamaneeswarar Karungali

Saivite Temples, Thiruvallur District


 Chintamaneeswarar, facing east


Sivagami Ambal, facing south

Other Deities

Bairavar, Navagraha, Shivalingam in outer sannidhi

In the ages past Chintamaneeswarar Karungali Temple should have been a large temple based on the fact that so many of the structures are outside the sanctum sanctorum. An east facing temple with no Rajagopuram or compound wall. The lingam here represents the Agora face of Lord Shiva. There are 5 other temples representing the different faces of Lord Shiva in Thiruvallur district.  Chintamaneeswarar Karungali is the place where the Brahma Aranya river merges with the sea.

Holy Water – Brahma Aranya River (Kushasthalayar)

Holy Tree – No information

Vimaanam – Gajaprastam


Chintamaneeswarar Karungali is an ancient temple. But the exact historical information is not available as on date.


Chintamaneeswarar Karungali represents the Aghora face of Lord Shiva. The five faces of Shiva relate to the classical elements, the directions, the five senses and five parts of the body – Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Ishana. Also the fact that Chintamaneeswarar Karungali is located near the confluence of the Brahma Aranya river with the Bay of Bengal makes it important.


Reach Pulicat Village from Ponneri, cross over the new bridge and drive along the lighthouse road to reach Karungali temple. We took another more interesting road (though not advisable). Cross the Kolkatta highway over the flyover and drive straight on this bad stretch of road to reach the railway bridge over the New Athipet railway station and continue onwards on the long winding road over sandunes in some places and check with the locals on the way. After visiting the temple continue onwards to reach the lighthouse and Pulicat village over the new bridge as this temple is actually accessed easier from the Pulicat village side.

Desolate area and not advisable to go after 5 pm, in fact it is better to go in the morning. Temple is not open always. Metal road is there but in some areas shifting sand could cover the road and you could get struck badly.

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