Choleeswarar Arcot Kuppam

Choleeswarar Arcot Kuppam

Saivite Temples, Thiruvallur District


Choleeswarar, facing east


Kamatchiamman, facing south

Other Deities

Navagrahas, Yoga Dakshinamurthy, Bairavar, Vinayaga, Muruga

Choleeswarar Arcot Kuppam is anĀ east facing temple with entrance from west through an arch. The temple has a single Prakaram where all the shrines and deities are located. A Temple Tank is present just outside the entrance arch.

Holy Water – Temple Tank

Holy Tree – No information


Choleeswarar Arcot Kuppam is believed to belong to the Chola Period. No historical information is available as of now.


A Chola King is believed to have built Choleeswarar Arcot Kuppam to rid him of his sins.


Choleeswarar Arcot Kuppam is about 12 kms before Thiruttani in the Thiruvallur-Thiruttani road

Stay and Food

None locally, Thiruvallur or Thiruttani is the closest

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