Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal

Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal

Saivite Temples, Thiruvallur District


Thiruthaleeswarar, facing east


Maragathambigai, facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Murugan, Suryan, Kailasanadar, Manickavasagar, Saint Pathanjali, Prakara Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar, Somaskandar, Kasi Viswanathar, Kasi  Visalakshi, Bairavar, Nataraja, Vishnu (Bhogamurthy)

Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal is an east facing temple with entrance from south. There are 2 prakarams. Main sanctum sanctorum is in Chola style and Pallava style in other parts. A very important temple in ancient times, but is in a bad condition now. There is a large temple tank east of the temple. Media articles in recent times have brought in much needed funds and renovation works have started including construction of a Rajagopuram. A small and separate shrine for Lord Vishnu with his consort Mahalakshmi is present here at Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal.

Holy Water (theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Thali Panai (Palm)

Vimaanam – Gajaprastham


Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal was built by Pallava King Nandivarman II (730–795 CE). The Cholas contributed later and developed the temple further. There are several stone inscriptions here at Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal.


Defeat in a war by a Chola King with the support of the Lord prompted a Kurumba King to perform a Yaga (praying with lit fire) to avenge his loss. A snake emerged and attempted to strike the Chola king. Lord Shiva is believed to have grasped the snake and dashed it to the ground thus breaking it into pieces which fell in several places, all of which have Shiva Temples. The place where the tail fell is Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal.


Thiruthaleeswarar Aranvayal is on a road left of the main road from Poonamallee to Thiruvallur, 6 kms before Thiruvallur.

Stay and Food

None locally. Nearest is Thiruvallur or Poonamallee.

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