Lakshminarayana Perumal Venganur

Lakshminarayana Perumal Venganur

Vaishnavite Temples, Thiruvallur District


Aadhinarayana Perumal Moolavar, Lakshminarayana perumal Utsavar


Ashtalakshmi in 8 separate sannidhis

Other Deities

 Ramanujar, Aadhilakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi, Veeralakshmi, Gajalakshmi, Santhanalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi, Aishwaryalakshmi, Dhairyalakshmi

Lakshminarayana Perumal Venganur Temple is a 500 year old east facing temple with a 3 tier Rajagopuram. There are some beautiful new dasavatara images on the Mantapa. Ashtalakshmi (8 forms of goddess Mahalakshmi) are installed in separate shrines around the Prakaram. The temple is very beautiful.

Holy Water – No information

Holy Tree – No information


Lakshminarayana Perumal Venganur is said to be about 500 years old. No historical information is available as of now.


No information


In the Thiruttani to Sholingur road after Santhanavenugopalapuram temple a Murugan temple and Ashram comes on the main road on the left. Here take a right and drive for about 3 kilometers to reach Lakshminarayana Perumal Venganur. There is another road from Pothaturpet to reach here which is longer. Another road from Pallipattu to Sholingur will also bring you to Lakshminarayana Perumal Venganur temple.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea shops

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