Narasimhar Narasingapuram

Narasimhar Narasingapuram

Vaishnavite Temples, Thiruvallur District


Lakshmi Narasimhar, facing east


Maragathavalli Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Garuda, Anjaneya, Aandal, Azhwars, Ramanujar, Senaimudali, Rama with Lakshmana and Sita, Desikar, Chakrathazhwar, Ashtalakshmi

Narasimhar Narasingapuram is a beautiful and popular east facing Temple faces east. A recently renovated five tier Rajagopuram welcomes you. The temple was in a bad condition till recent times and has now been completely renovated. The Main deity is about 7 feet tall and is seen here sitting with Goddess Lakshmi on his lap. Lord Narasimhar here appears as Shantha moorthy (peaceful form) with a smiling face as opposed to the Ugra moorthy (Angry form). Goddess Mahalakshmi on his lap is facing the devotees and blessing them unlike in the Ugra form where she is seen facing the lord trying to pacify his anger. The posture of Narasimhar and Mahalakshmi is called “Paraspara Alinganam” as both of them are embracing each other unlike many other temples where only Mahalakshmi embraces the Lord.

The 4 feet tall Garuda idol here at Narasimhar Narasingapuram has 16 forms of Naagas (snakes) around him. Outside and facing the lord is Anjaneya with his tail twirled over his head. The Utsava Mandapam in front of the Mahamandapam has many pillars with intricate carvings. The Kalyana Mandapam, to the north of the main shrine in the outer Prakaram, also has many fine sculptures included the Dasavataras of Lord Vishnu. The ceiling contains images of dancing girls and musical instruments. Usually in the temple’s sacred kitchen called Madapalli no one is allowed entry, additionally here even the water is not brought from outside and only taken from the well inside. Eight forms of Lakshmi called Ashta Lakshmi are present here at Narasimhar Narasingapuram in separate sub-shrines. A temple tank is east of the temple.

Holy Water – Temple Tank

Holy Tree – No information


Narasimhar Narasingapuram is said to habe been in existence from the Pallava period. Subsequqnt renovations and extensions date back to the Chola and Vijayanagar Period. The area was once an army camp of the Vijayanagar kings.

There are 14 inscriptions in and around Narasimhar Narasingapuram temple out of which two belong to the Chola period. Experts estimate them to belong to the period of Kulothunga Chozha I and Vikrama Chozha I. These inscriptions mention about the constructing of the Madurantaka Vinnagar temple in Madurantaka Nalloor (the present Madurantakam), installing the idols of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana in it and the grants made by them for the daily conduct of poojas. The other 12 stone inscriptions date back to the Vijayanagar period describing the glorious past of the temple and the Kings. Most of the inscriptions belong to the reign of Emperor Atchudha Deva Maharaya describing the donations and renovation at the temple. Out of these five inscriptions belong to the years 1533, 1534 and 1536 CE which are some of the important years of his rule. One inscription dating back to 1608 belongs to the reign of Venkatapathy Deva Maharaya describing about his work for the temple. The Vijayanagar inscriptions are all said to be in Sanscritized Telugu and one mentions the installation of the Utsavar (Processional) Idol at Narasimhar Narasingapuram.


Narasimhar Narasingapuram is connected with the legend of Narasimha Avatar and the lord is said to have settled here after controlling his aggression as ‘Shantha Moorthy’.


At the Thandalam junction, take the fork on the right adjoining the Empee Distilleries plant (Arkonam Road) and proceed for about 20 kilometers to reach a signboard 3 kilometers before Perambakkam. Here take the fork on the left and proceed straight at the small Ganesha Temple to reach Narasimhar Narasingapuram. Or drive on straight on the main road for about a kilometer more to reach Narasimhar Narasingapuram.

Stay and Food

None in the area. Motel Highway’s Hotel Durga Prasad and Sri Krishna sweets provide excellent food and snacks in Poonamallee.

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