108 Divya Desams, Tiruchirapalli District


Sundararaja Perumal (also Thiruvadivazhagiya Nambi), facing east, in a reclining posture


Azhagiyavalli Nachiyar, facing east

Other Deities

Azhawars, Narasimha, Venugopala, Lakshmi Narasimha, Hanuman, Aandal

Thiruanbil is an east facing large temple with a 3 tier Rajagopuram at the entrance. A single Prakaram houses all the shrines. The Vimaanam is in the form of a gopuram here at Thiruanbil. A Mantapa is just outside the entrance. Further in the east is the Temple Pond. The temple is near the banks of the Kollidam River. The names of the processional deities are Vadivazhagar and Vadivazhagi.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Mandooga Pushkarini

Vimaanam – Tharaga Vimaanam, a speciality of Kollidam river bank area


King Sundara Chola has provided generously to the Thiruanbil temple after each of his innumerable victories in wars. His prime minister Anirudha Brahmarayar is believed to be from this village. The 10th Century CE copper plates having the records from the Chola period from Thiruanbil indicate a generous contribution from the Medieval Cholas. Thirumangai Azhwar, Boodhathazhwar, and Nammazhwar (between 7th & 8th Century CE) have performed Mangalasasanam here at Thiruanbil.


Sage Mandooga while in penance underwater failed to notice and honor Sage Durvasa, who in his anger cursed him to become a frog. He then repented and was told to worship the lord here at Thiruanbil to regain his original human form. The lord is believed to have given darshan to Brahma and Sage Valmiki here at Thiruanbil. Sage Valmiki is also believed to have uttered the Rama Nama (name of Rama) here for the first time. Thiruanbil is also one of the temples where Lord Shiva had to worship Lord Vishnu to rid himself of the curse for cutting off one of Brahma’s heads.


Thiruanbil, Anbil is 25 kilometers from Thiruchirapalli and after Lalgudi.

Stay and Food

None locally, though we found an excellent vegetarian restaurant opposite the bus stand in Lalgudi. Stay in Thiruchirapalli or Srirengam.

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