Padal Petra Sthalams, Tiruchirapalli District


Thaayumanavar (also Mathrubhoodeswarar), facing west


Mattuvaar Kuzhali (also Suganda Kunthalambigai), facing west

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Muruga, 63 Nayanmars, Navagraha, Chandikeswara

Thiruchiramalai is part of an old fort and located on a 273 feet tall hill. 258 steps lead to the temple and a further 150 odd steps take one to the top of the hill and the Uchipillayar Temple. Manicka Vinayagar shrine is at the base of the hill, the Shiva shrine in the middle and the Uchipillayar shrine is at the top. A large temple tank is west of the hill below and it is a beautiful location to spend an evening with wonderful views of the Aganda (wide) Cauvery River and the Thiruvanaikaval and Srirangam Temples far away. In the mornings when the Thiruchiramalai temple doorway is opened by the priest a few swallows always fly out. This is despite the fact that there are other openings for them to have flown out earlier than that.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Cauvery

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – to be updated


The rock that is today called as Thiruchiramalai is said to be one of the oldest formations in the world, dating back about 3.8 billion years. The oldest structure on Thiruchiramalai is a cave temple built by the Pallavas in 580 CE and was named Lalitankura Pallaveswaram, with several inscriptions attributed to Mahendravarman I. There are two of them one the lower cave temple and one in between the Thayumaanavar Temple and Uchipillayar Temple. The Cholas, the Vijayanagara Kings and the Nayaks of Madurai have made extensive contributions here at Thiruchiramalai for the two-storeyed Thayumaanavar temple which is considered to be a masterpiece of construction.


The Lord is believed to have come to the aid of a pregnant woman during her delivery and hence called Thaayumaanavan (Motherly Lord). Brahma, Indra, Jadayu, Saptharishis, Thirisaran (3 headed Asura), Saaramamunivar and Mounaguru are said to have worshiped here at Thiruchiramalai.


Thiruchiramalai, Rock Fort is in the center of Thiruchirapalli City and visible from a long way away from all sides. Parking is available near the temple tank, but the area is always crowded.

Stay and Food

Thiruchirapalli has some excellent hotels and restaurants catering to all budgets and levels.

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