Padal Petra Sthalams, Tiruchirapalli District


Aamravaneswarar (also Sutharathneswarar, Mirukandeeswarar), facing east. Suyambu (self occurring) Lingam


Balambigai, Azhagammai facing south

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Muruga, Navagrahas, Dhandayudhapani, Gajalakshmi, Bhairava, Narthana Ganapathi, Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Durga, Aadhi Sankara, Surya with consorts

Thirumanthurai is a large east facing temple with a 3 tier Rajagopuram and a Theppakulam in the front set amidst green fields and coconut groves.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Gayatri River

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Aam-Mango (Mangifera indica)


Thirugnanasambandar (7th century CE) has rendered Thevaram Hymns here at Thirumanthurai. Arunagirinadar has also sung praise here at Thirumanthurai.


The lord here at Thirumanthurai is believed to have come to the aid of a fawn that had lost its mother. Another version for the name is that it came from the Mango trees that used to fill this area.


Thirumanthurai is 5 kilometers west of Lalgudi.

Stay and Food

Tea and snack shops available locally. Lalgudi has a few restaurants and the one opposite the bus stand (Sathyamoorthy) is advisable.

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