Saptharisheeswarar Thiruthavathurai

Saptharisheeswarar Thiruthavathurai, Lalgudi

Saivite Temples, Thiruchirappalli District


Saptharisheeswarar, facing west


Perunthirupirattiyar, facing east

Other Deities

Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Krishna, Saraswathi, Durga, Nataraja, Arthanareeswarar, Lakshmi, Muruga with consorts, Pitchadanar, Navagraha, Naalvar, Bhairava, Saptha Ganapathi, Mangalya Maharishi, Saptha Nagar, 63 Nyanmar (installed and processional deities), Meikandar, Arunandhi Sivam, Umapathy Sivam, Saptharishis, Vishwaksenar, Somaskandar, Jurahareswarar, Amirthakadeswarar, Kattuvanga Easwarar, Veenadakshinamurthy, Sivakamasundari, Sakthi Vinayaka, Muruga, Gowri, Vaishnavi, Brahmi, Kowmari

Saptharisheeswarar Thiruthavathurai is a large temple occupying about 350 by 230 feet, with 4 Prakarams and a tall 5 tiered Rajagopuram at the western entrance. The outermost first Prakaram is the one in which the temple car is taken on procession. The second Prakaram is very wide and surrounded by huge walls more than 15 feet tall. Just after this is the third Prakaram which is also wide and with tall walls. The innermost Prakaram is around the Sanctum sanctorum of the Lord. Many stone inscriptions including one inscribed with the songs of Thiagarajar who visited this temple and sang about the lord and his consort are found here. The Sculptures here are beautiful and intricately carved. As you enter the temple from the west on your right is a temple tank which is not in great shape now and is the Holy Water of this temple. Saptharisheeswarar Thiruthavathurai is a well appointed temple where 6 ritual poojas are performed every day apart from all the other festival rituals which take place with great pomp and ceremony.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Sivagangai Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Arasamaram (Peepal tree – Ficus relegiosa)


Thirunavukkarasar has mentioned this temple in one of his Hymns as ‘Pandezhuvar Thavathurai’. Several stone inscriptions are found all around including the outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum. Saint Thiagaraja and Arunagirinadar have visited and sung upon the deities here.


Lord Muruga who was supposed to have been fed milk by Arundathi was forgotten one day and instead the Six Karthigai Women fed him milk. When this was known to the 7 Great Rishis (Athiri, Vasishta, Gowthama, Angeerasa and Marisi) they cursed their respective wives. Lord Muruga angered at this, in turn cursed the Rishis. He also gave them the remedial instructions by asking them to pray to Lord Shiva at this temple after staying at Thiruvaiyaru. They were blessed here by Lord Shiva and he thus got the name Saptha (seven) Risheeswarar. A Mughal King who came with his army here saw the red temple tower and called this place Lal (red) Kudi (gopuram) and thus the name of the Town.


Lalgudi is about 17 kilometers east of Srirengam on the north bank of the River Kollidam. Saptharisheeswarar Thiruthavathurai temple is in the middle of the town.

Stay and Food

None locally for stay, closest is Srirengam and Thiruchirapalli. Satyamurthy Hotel in Lalgudi is fine for food.

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