Balamurugan Rathnagiri

Balamurugan Rathnagiri

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Balamurugan, facing east


Valli and Devyanai, facing east with the main deity

Other Deities

Ganesha, Durga

Balamurugan Rathnagiri is a beautiful hill temple with steps to climb up. This hill temple is very famous and throngs with devotees most of the time. Many are the festivals that are celebrated grandly here. A golden chariot, motorable road, a six sided holy tank and other facilities for devotees are all new additions.

Holy Water – Temple tank below

Holy Tree – No information


Balamurugan Rathnagiri  temple has been in existence as a sand structure before 14th Century AD. Arunagirinathar (15th century CE) has mentioned this temple in his song. Satchidanandam a government clerk in the year 1968 took up the task to bring this temple to glory seeing the sad state of the customary rituals. Earlier his father had contributed to creating the steps and conducting the rituals. His efforts were successful and he is now revered as Rathinagiri Tavatiru Balamurugan Adimai.


Swami Bālamurugan Adimai while here had divine awakening, fainted and could not remember his own self when he woke up. Dressing himself in a loincloth he took up the task of bringing the ancient temple of Balamurugan Rathnagiri to its old glory.


Balamurugan Rathnagiri is before Vellore and after Melvisharam when you go from Arcot on the right side alongside the highway and is visible from a distance. The temple arch will lead you to the base from where you can climb up. Take the service lanes on both sides to reach Balamurugan Rathnagiri. Road goes to the top of the temple where ample parking is available.

Stay and Food

Many snack shops are available locally. Vellore is a better option.

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