Murugan Gnanamalai

Murugan, Gnanamalai

Other Temples - Vellore District


Gnanapandithan (Murugan), facing east


Valli, Devayanai along with the Lord

Other Deities

Gnana Sidhdhi Ganapathi, Gnanadakshinamurthy, Navagraha, Shiva, Gnanavali Sidhdhar, Gnanagireeswarar, Gnanapoongodhai, Gnanaganapathi, Gnanasubramanian, Bhairava, Chandikeswara

Murugan Gnanamalai temple is one of the 206 Thiripugazh temples (33 of them are hill temples) sung by Arunagirinadar. The hill covers about 25 acres with a circumference of about 2 kilometers. About 150 steps lead up to the temple on top. The idol of Lord Muruga is with one face, four arms, his posture here is said to be Brahma Sastha form – the one who punished Brahma himself for his ignorance of the Pranava Manthiram. A spring is present on one side of the hill. The hill itself is profuse with Veppalai (Kutchappalai) trees which are known to have medicinal properties. Lemongrass (?) also grows here. Murugan Gnanamalai temple on top is small with the Samadhi of Gnanavali Sidhdhar behind the temple. Gnanavali Sidhdhar lived here and provided medical advise and preached Gnana to the commoners. On top of this is a Shivalingam (Gnanagireeswarar). Behind this is the most important aspect of this temple – the footprints of Lord Muruga. The forest department has planted saplings on the hill and there is a garden (Nandavanam) at the base. The whole place is peaceful and ideal to spend a day meditating or just relaxing. The steps are also covered making the climb pleasant.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Arunagirinadar, the 15th Century CE Saint-Poet has visited and recited his Thirupugazh for the Muruga here at Murugan Gnanamalai. A stone inscription on top of the hill mentions the contribution to build steps by Sambuvarayar’s son Kalingarayan in 1332-40 CE. The main deity of Muruga is said to date back to the Pallava period.


Vallimalai, Murugan Gnanamalai and Thiruthani are in a triangle and it is believed that to visit and seek the blessings of the lord in all three places in one day is special. After Lord Muruga’s wedding to Valli both of them are believed to have spent time here at Murugan Gnanamalai frolicking and the footprints found here are said to have been made by them.


Murugan Gnanamalai temple is about 15 kilometers from Kaveripakkam on the Sholingur road. Boards and Arches lead to the temple.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Vellore or Kancheepuram.

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