Athreeswarar Kudimallur

Athreeswarar, Kudimallur

Saivite Temples - Vellore District


Athreeswarar (also called Thiruvantheeswarar), facing east


Thiripurasundari, facing south

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Athreeswarar Kudimallur is a medium sized temple with a large gateway. There is no Rajagopuram. Sage Athri is seen praying to Lord Shiva here. Athreeswarar Kudimallur is one of the Kshadaranya Kshetram in the area. The others are Gowthameswarar Kaarai, Agastheeswarar Vannivedu, Bharadwajeswarar Pudupadi, Vasishteswarar Veppur, Valmikeeswarar Melvisharam and Kashyapeswarar Avaraikadu. The main deity here is a swayambu (self occurring) and the original name of the deity is Thiruvantheeswarar.


Athreeswarar Kudimallur is an ancient temple going back at least several centuries. This temple is one of the Kshadaranya Temples.


The Shivalingam here at Athreeswarar Kudimallur is believed to have been installed and worshiped by Sage Athri. His wife Anusuya’s representation is the Malligai (Jasmine) plant. The ancient name of this place Malligaikadu (Jasmine grove or forest) is transformed to Kudimallur over time.


After Kaveripakkam ask for the left turn to Kudimallur from the national highway. It is before the Ranipet Engineering College. There is Boomeswarar Temple also in this village.

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