Konganeeswarar Kaveripakkam

Konganeeswarar, Kaveripakkam



Konganeeswarar, facing west


Kungumavalli (also called Gnanakuzhalendhi), facing north

Other Deities

Ganesha, Muruga with consorts, Nalwar, Surya, Nagas, Karaikal Ammayar, Balasubramania, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Veerabadra, Lakshmi Narayana, Navagrahas

Konganeeswarar Kaveripakkam is a very ancient west facing temple with a north facing goddess. This ancient temple is in a dilapidated condition in part and requires attention.¬†Konganeeswarar Kaveripakkam has a single prakaram where all the shrines and sanctum are situated. A temple tank is said to be nearby and indicates the level of the nearby Kaveripakkam Lake as it overflows. The sun’s rays are said to fall on the main deity on the new moon day of the Tamil month Purattasi (September – October).

Holy Water – Temple Pond

Holy Tree – No information


Konganeeswarar Kaveripakkam is an ancient temple which is said to be more than 1000 years. Historical information is not available as on date.


A Sidhdhar called Kongana is believed to have worshiped the lord here at Konganeeswarar Kaveripakkam. His life history gives information relating to his status, his clash with Vasuki (wife of Thiruvalluvar) and finally his realization, travel to Tirupati where he wrote various literature and passed away there. His Samadhi is said to be in the eighth step in the south of the temple tank in Tirupati. He is believed to have come to Kaveripakkam with his wife Gnanakiliambikai, set up an Ashram and lived here for some time.

It is also said that this temple used to be called Kottai (Fort) temple in ancient days, but no such indications are seen today. In recent times we heard through some media reports that water was continuously seeping up on the goddess for a few days, witnessed and photographed by devotees and locals.


After you take a right turn on the Chennai – Arcot road for Kaveripakkam, Konganeeswarar Kaveripakkam temple comes on the first left turn. The road is small and you could easily miss it.

Stay and Food

Kaveripakkam has a few large snack shops where you can get a decent meal.

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