Porpanai Easwarar Vadavirinjipuram

Porpanai Easwarar, Vadavirinjipuram

Saivite Temples - Vellore District


Porpanaieesar, facing east


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Porpanai Easwarar Vadavirinjipuram is an ancient temple which has been almost lost over time. The Lingam was in a thatched hut when we visited in 2013. A lot of stone and partly finished pillars were seen during our visit and it is heartening to know that this temple will be back to its old glory soon. The large Nandi is a very beautiful one and depicts the antiquity of the temple. The Palar river divides into two branches a little way beforeĀ Porpanai Easwarar Vadavirinjipuram and rejoins some way down. The temple is situated in a beautiful and peaceful location in this island.

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Porpanai Easwarar Vadavirinjipuram is an ancient temple. The Lingam and the large Nandi provide clear indications of this fact. Historical information is not available as on date.


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From Virinjiuram after visiting the Margabandeeswar Temple continue towards north, cross the Palar River and drive a little distance to come to the Tamilnadu Agricultural University Campus. The road on the right and alongside this campus will take you to Porpanai Easwarar Vadavirinjipuram temple. There is a name board on the main road.

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