Somanatheeswarar Melpadi

Somanatheeswarar, Melpadi

Saivite Temples - Vellore District


Somanatheeswarar, east facing


Thabaskrithambal, facing east

Other Deities

Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara, Siva+Nandi, Navagrahas

Somanatheeswarar Melpadi is a large east facing temple with an entrance gateway in the south. This large and beautifully built temple with many stone inscriptions, carvings and idols is under the control of Archaelogical Survey of India. The Bahuda river flows east of the temple. Somanatheeswarar Melpadi has been built with solid walls and it has served as a garrison in the olden days as it was closer to the kingdoms of Chalukyas and Rashtrakootas.

Holy Water – No information

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Somanatheeswarar Melpadi is a Chola period temple said to have been built by Paranthaga Chola I between 907 and 953 AD. It was later developed by Raja Raja Chola (985-1014 AD) as per stone inscriptions found here. A stone inscription belonging to the period of Rajaraja Chola mentions the conquest of Pandyas and Kudamali Region. The name of Irayairavan Pallavayan, an official who served under Rajaraja Chola is also mentioned. The Vijayanagar Kings have also served this important temple.


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Somanatheeswarar Melpadi is about 17 kms from Ranipet on the Chittoor Road. A little before Ponnai a bridge across the River Bahuda cuts off on the left to reach Melpadi. The temple is just after the bridge on the right of the road. On the left is a small temple of Choleeswara, also in ASI control.

Stay and Food

None locally, nearest is Ranipet

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