Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur

Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur

Vaishnavite Temples, Vellore District


Gajendra Varadajara Perumal, facing east with consorts


Perundevi Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Garudan, Aandal, Manavala Mamunigal, Varadaraja Perumal with consorts, Chakrathazhwar, Nammazhwar, Lakshmi Narayana, Venugopal, Veera Anjaneya

Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur is an east facing temple with a 3 tiered Rajagopuram at the eastern entrance. The temple has a single Prakaram where all the deities and sanctums are located. An ancient idol of Varadaraja Perumal with consorts which was the main deity is installed in a separate shrine behind the main sanctum. A separate three chamber shrine with Lakshmi Narayana, Venugopal and Veera Anjaneya is present north of the main sanctum.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur is an ancient temple and the Varadaraja Perumal mentioned above was the main deity from 8th Century CE till 1972. Stone inscriptions found and studied by Archaeological Survey of India in Tirupattur indicate the presence of this town from more than 1600 years. The town has been referred to as Sri Madhava Chaturvedi Mangalam, Veera Narayana Chaturvedi Mangalam, Tiruperur and Brahmapuram (Brahmeeswaram) clearly establishing the presence of the temples at that time itself and during the rule of the Cholas, Vijayanagar and Hoysala Kingdoms. Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur was rebuilt by Raja Raja Chola as per the temple administration, the Dwajasthambam constructed in the 13th Century CE. The temple has been further modified by others after that. A fort existed in this town about 800 years ago and this got attached to the names of both the Shiva and Perumal temples here.


Gajendra (Elephant) is believed to have attained salvation here at Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur by the grace of the Lord and hence his name. Sages Brigu and Markandeya are believed to have had the divine vision of the lord here.


Gajendra Varadajara Perumal Tirupattur is near the lake shore road. We advise you to park your vehicle wherever convenient and either walk or take an autorickshaw to visit this temple, the nearby Shiva and Anjaneya Temples. The roads are narrow, crowded and difficult to navigate.

Stay and Food

None locally except tea shops. Closest is Vaniyambadi, Ambur or Vellore.

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