Srinivasaperumal Ambur

Srinivasaperumal Ambur

Vaishnavite Temples, Vellore District



Srinivasa Perumal, facing east


Padmavathi Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Garuda, Baktha Anjaneya, Nammazhwar, Ramanujar, Desikar, Hayagrivar, Varadaraja Perumal with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi, Chakkrathazhwar, Aandal

Srinivasaperumal Ambur is a beautiful east facing temple with a wonderful 3 tiered Rajagopuram at the eastern entrance. This Rajagopuram has some nice images from episodes of Rama and Krishna’s life. Vasudeva taking baby Krishna to safety, Kalinga Narthana, playing with Gopis, Bhagavath Gita are some from Krishna Leela. From Ramayana Young Rama and Lakshmana fighting the demons, Vaali Vadham, Hanuman meeting Sita in Srilanka and more are seen. The temple is beautiful, clean and presents a picture of peace and plenty. The priest performing the ritual to the large idol of the standing lord in the light of only the wick lamps is a beautiful sight. The Sorga Vaasal (Golden Gateway) is seen on the northern side of the temple.

Holy Water (Theertham) – No information

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information

Srinivasaperumal Ambur
Srinivasaperumal Ambur
Srinivasaperumal AmburSrinivasaperumal Ambur


Srinivasaperumal Ambur is a relatively new temple built and consecrated in 1824. The Idol which was found elsewhere in a river bed was brought and installed here, indicating the idol could be much older and from an old temple. The Rajagopuram was constructed in 1966.


The lord is said to have appeared in the dream of a devotee and indicated his presence in a riverbed in a village called Karukkambadi near Tirupati. The devotee is then believed to have recovered the idol and brought it here. Sage Kannuva is said to have worshiped and seen the divine vision of the Lord here at Srinivasaperumal Ambur.


Srinivasaperumal Ambur is in the middle of Ambur town in Perumal Kovil Street which can be reached from the Rajiv Gandhi Statue junction taking the Ambur Bypass and then taking a right after crossing the ICICI bank when you go from the Highway. Please refer our map below or ask for the way. Parking is difficult.

Stay and Food

One or two decent places to stay (CR Regency) and eat (Sai Sangeet, Amirtham) are available in the Ambur bye pass road. The original Star Biryani and a host of other Ambur Biryani hotels are available all over the place.

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