108 Divya Desams, Villupuram District


Thiruvikraman, facing east


Poonkoval Nachiyar, facing east

Other Deities

Veera Anjaneya, Nandavana Anjaneya, Muniappan, Garuda, Venugopala with Bama and Rukmini (believed to have been the original deity), Pushpavalli Thaayar, Chakrathalwar, Sree Rama Lakshmana and Seetha, Varadaraja, Lakshminarayana, Lakshmi Varahar, Aandal, Udayavar, Lakshmi Narasimhar, Senai Mudalvar, Manavala Mamunigal, Vishnu Durgai (not commonly seen in Vaishnavite temples). Deities of 7 of the 9 Avatars of Vishnu are present here.

Thirukoviloor temple is situated on the banks of the River ‘Then Pennai’ on about 5 acres of land. The large temple complex has 3 Prakarams and a 11 tier Rajagopuram on the eastern entrance. Also present is a 7 tier Gopuram on the western entrance. The temple has about 7 Gopurams built by different kings at different times. The scale and beauty of this historic temple has to be seen to be believed. Thiruvikraman the main deity is with his left foot on the ground and the right foot towards the sky with Chanku and Chakram (his holy conch and disc) on the opposite hands of the usual. Near the left foot are Thirumagal, Mahabali, his son Namachu, Sukracharya, Sage Mrikandu, Mithravati and Garuda. Below the lifted right foot is Lord Brahma. This is one of the Pancha Krishnaranya Kshetram. The others are Thirukannapuram, Thirukannangudi, Thirukannamangai, Thirukanna Kavithalam). Sage Agastya, Arjuna and Parashurama are believed to have done penance here. There are also several Mandapams which will be illustrated in the forthcoming temple layout.

Holy water (Theertham) – Pennaiaaru, Chakratheertham, Sanga Theertham, Runamosana Theertham, Gardha Theertham, Aakasha Gangai, Varaha Theertham, Agastya Theertham, Kaalava Theertham, Mrikandu Theertham, Krishna Badhra River and the temple tank where the annual float festival takes place

Holy Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Pinnai (Punnai – Calophyllum inophyllum)

Vimaanam – Kara Vimaanam


Thirukoviloor  temple is said to have been in existence in some form from 500 BC. The fact that Poigai Alwar, Peyalwar and Boodhathalwar have visited and sung for the lord here clearly confirms the existence of this temple at least 1300 years ago.


Mahabali, Sage Mrikandu, Brahma, Indra, Kukshi, Sounagar, Kashyapar, Kaalavari, Kusathwajan, Poigai Alwar, Boodhathalwar and Peyalwar are believed to have seen the form of the Lord here at Thirukoviloor. On the wish of Sage Mrikandu the Lord is said to have appeared representing the Vaamana Avatar here. The lord (in the form of King Kusathwajan) is also believed to have slayed the demon Paadhala Kethu who was tormenting sages in this region.


Thirukoviloor is 40 kilometers west of Villupuram

Stay and Food

A few good restaurants available locally

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