Padal Petra Sthalam, Villupuram District


Kribapureeswarar, Venupureeswarar, Arutturainadar, Thaduthatkondanadar, facing east


Mangalambigai, Verkanniyammai, facing east in a seprate shrine

Other Deities

Vinayaka, Muruga, Gajalakshmi, Navagraha, 63 Nayanmars, Dakshinamurthy, sabdamadar, Thirumal, Thirugnanasambandar, Sundarar Meikanda Devar, Arulnandi Sivacharyar

Thiruvennainallur is a large temple complex with a 5 tier Rajagopuram in the eastern entrance and a 100 pillar Mantapa constructed by Kulothunga. A shrine for Thaduthatkondar can be seen on top and there are no stairs to reach nor are any poojas performed for this idol.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Thandatheertham (Temple Tank)

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Not Known


Thiruvennainallur temple is more than 1200 years old. Several Kings have contributed to the development including Kulothunga ( 1070 – 1122 CE). Saivite Saint Sundarar (8th Century CE) has rendered Thevaram Hymns here.


Goddess Parvati is believed to have built a fort of butter, set fire to it and sat in penance towards the lord gere at Thiruvennainallur. Thus the name of the place became Thiru Vennai (Butter) Nallur. The lord is said to have appeared here to intervene and possess rights over Sundarar through a legal case.


Thiruvennainallur is about 20 kilometers southeast of Thirukoviloor on the Panruti, Cuddalore Road. Before this is Idayar and after this temple is Thirumundeeswaram (Gramam village). All three are Paadal Petra Sthalams.

Stay and Food

None locally. Closest is Thirukoviloor or Panruti

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