Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam

Bhoomeeswarar, Marakkanam

Saivite Temples, Villupuram District


Bhoomeeswarar, facing east


Girijambal, facing south

Other Deities

Karna Bhooshana Vinayakar, Lakshmi Vinayakar, Naalvar, Sapthamaadar, Vinayaka, Subramanya, Muruga with consorts,Navagraha, Kalabhairava. Sanctum Niches – Pitchadanar, Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Durga, Chandikeswara

Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam is an east-facing temple with an entrance gateway in the east. The temple is surrounded by tall walls on all aides. There is a Mandapam outside in front on the north side. The gateway leads into a courtyard with a balipeedam, Flagstaff, and Nandi in front of the Mukhamantapam. There is a small Nandi just before the Saalaram (viewing window) facing the main deity. The entrance inside is through a door in the side. The Sanctum Sanctorum of the main deity is entered from the south side. A cloistered mandapam runs around the sides of the Prakaram. This mandapam has many installations of deities, particularly that of several Vinayaka idols. All the idols in the sanctum niches are beautiful and large ones. The shrine of Durga has two Dwarapalakis outside.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Brahma Theertham

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


The outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum of the main deity at Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam are full of inscriptions. A recently conducted survey by the Archaeology Department has revealed that Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam was constructed by Rajaraja Chola before building the Brahadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur. Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam was later renovated by him to rectify damages caused by the entry of seawater and burial by sand dunes. The inscriptions mention the main deity as Bhoomeeswara Devar, Bhoomeeswarathazhwar, Bhoomeeswaramudayar, Bhoomeeswaramudaya Mahadevar, Bhoomeeswaranudaya Nayanar, and other names. Vijayanagar Kings have also served the Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam temple, the lord being referred to as Bhoomeeswaramudaya Thambiran and Thirubhoomiyappa Thambiraanar by them.

Coins belonging to Chola, Vijayanagar, Maratha, and British periods have been found in Marakkanam. Marakkanam used to be an important sea port and finds mention as Sopatama in The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea written somewhere between 40-70 CE. Sangam literature are said to mention the place as Eyirpattinam. The ancient town is said to be have been surrounded by walls.


This place was called Eyirpattinam in the olden days. The name change to Marakkaanam is believed to have been because of woods surrounding the village near the sea, due to the wooden ships (Mara Kalam) that used to frequent the port and the legend below. The lingam here at Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam is believed to have been installed by inverting a wooden paddy measuring vessel by a devotee who wanted to satisfy a Sage who came here and said he will not eat without performing pooja to Lord Shiva. After the sage left when the devotee tried to remove the measure it would not budge. When he came back with tools the wooden measure was not there. The lingam is then said to have appeared from the earth (Bhoomi) and hence the main deity is called Bhoomeeswarar. Since the wooden (Maram) measure was not seen (lost – Kaanam) after the Lingam appeared, the village came to be known as Mara Kaanam.


Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam is about 34 kilometers east of Tindivanam. Bhoomeeswarar Marakkanam is about 115 kilometers south of Chennai on the East Coast Road.

Stay and Food

None locally, except snack shops in the ECR. The closest is Pondicherry or Tindivanam.

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