108 Divya Desam, Madurai District


Kalamega Perumal, facing east with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi


Megavalli, facing east

Other Deities

Chakrathalwar, Prarthanai Sayanaperumal, Garuda, Rama and Seetha, Rathi and Manmadha, Andal, Navaneedhakrishnan, Hanuman, Pallikonda Perumal

Thirumogur is a large temple with four Praharams and a 5 tier Rajagopuram. Thirumogur is also called Mohanapuram and Mohanakshetram. The Sudarshana Chakra here is said to be very powerful and unique. On the front of the Sudarshana Chakra is Chakrathazhvar and on the back is Narasingha Perumal, situated amidst 48 fairies and inside the six circles there are 16 Aayuthams(weapons) with 154 letters. Perumal is depicted with 16 hands and three eyes glowing like fire. The image of Chakrathazwhar in Thirumogur is depicted with sixteen hands each holding different weapons. The Prathanasayana form of the lord is not seen in any other 108 Divya Desam Temple.

Vimaanam – Ketaki Vimaanam

Holy Water (Theertham) – Shirabdha Pushkarini

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Vilvam (Aegle marmelos)


Thirumogur is mentioned in ancient literatures including Agananooru, Padhitrupathu, Maduraikanchi and Silappadikaram. Inscriptions reveal that a king called Pazhayan built a fort and ruled the region. Ptolemy (c.100–c.170 CE) is said to have mentioned this place in his world map (needs confirmation). Sangam Literatures mentions that this place was prosperous during the time.

Inscriptions from Thirumogur reveal that the builder of the temple was Kaala Maegam alias Kaangaeyan during the reign of Sadaiya Varman Sundhara Pandiyan (Later Pandiya king)in his reign year 7 + 1 (i.e. after the 7th year was over and the eighth year was in progress) which is identified as AD 1259. This inscription besides identifying the above speaks of an endowment of ponds and adjoining areas duly specifying the boundaries of the land. The current structure is believed to have been built by the Madurai Nayaks. During the later part, there were additions made by the Marudu brothers, whose images are also housed in the temple. Thirumohur was an impregnable fort during the period of British. Once during Mughal invasion the troops in search of a king’s representative entered the temple, looted it and went away with the deities. The local warriors are said to have ambushed the troops, fought and retrieved the idols and reinstated them.


During the churning of the oceans to get Amirtham (Ambrosia), a drop is said to have fallen in the Theppakulam (Holy Tank) here at Thirumogur. Vishnu is believed to have taken the Mohini (female) form and given Amirtham to the Devas, fooling the Asuras. Sage Pulasthya is said to have had darshan of the lord here at Thirumogur.


Thirumogur is about 18 Kilometers from Madurai. At the Othakadai Junction take a right to reach this temple. From here you can drive on to reach the Shiva temple at Thiruvadhavur.

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