Jenega Narayana Perumal Sholavandan

Jenega Narayana Perumal, Sholavandan

Vaishnavite Temples, Madurai District


Jenaganarayana Perumal, facing east


Sreedevi, Bhoodevi along with Perumal

Other Deities

Narasimha, Anjaneya, Vishwaksenar, Nammalwar, Thirumangaialwar, Ramanujar, Vedantadesikar

Jenega Narayana Perumal Sholavandan is an ancient east facing temple. The temple has a outer Prakaram and a small inner Prakaram where all the shrines and deities are located. Old Vahanas (Mounts) with intricate carvings can be found here.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Not known

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – Not known


Jenega Narayana Perumal Sholavandan was constructed with stone by King Sundarapandyan in 5th century CE. Stone inscriptions in Tamil, Sanskrit and Brahmi script found around the sanctum sanctorum. This place was called Janakapuri Narayanapuram and changed to Cholan Vandhan (Chola Came) after Chola’s victory over the Pandyas. This became Sholavandan over time.


Rama once went on a hunt alone and his father-in-law King Janaga concerned over the delay in his return went in search to the forest in this area. Rama gave Darshan to King Janaga in the form of Narayana Perumal and hence came the name of the lord here at Jenega Narayana Perumal Sholavandan.


Jenega Narayana Perumal Sholavandan is in the middle of Sholavandan and adjacent to the Mariamman temple.

Stay and Food

Sholavandan has a couple of small restaurants for a snack.

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