Silambeswarar Sivan Thirukoodal

Silambeswarar, Sivan Thirukoodal

Saivite Temples, Kancheepuram Taluk


Silambeswarar, facing west


Magawar Kuzhali Amman, facing south

Other Deities

Yet to be installed

Silambeswarar Sivan Thirukoodal is an old temple which is completely dilapidated over time. The original temple is situated north of the present structures. The original temple has a east facing empty Sanctum Sanctorum. The goddess shrine is south facing. The entrance to this temple is through a door in the south which leads to a small Mantapam from where both Sanctums are visible. Facing the main sanctum sanctorum is a shrine for Mahavishnu with his consorts Sreedevi and Bhoodevi. Outside is a beautiful old Nandi and a damaged idol of Indra on his Elephant Mount Airavatha. Only the Goddess shrine has a Vimaana and the same is absent on the Sanctum Sanctorum. A large banyan tree has grown out right from inside this ancient Temple’s Mantapam and could be the reason why an alternative site was selected for the new structures. The Cheyyar River flows south of Silambeswarar Sivan Thirukoodal across the main road.

Holy Water (Theertham) – Cheyyar River

Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) – No information


Silambeswarar Sivan Thirukoodal is an ancient temple which has been lost over time. The new temple is being built in a site south of the ancient original temple.


No information


Silambeswarar Sivan Thirukoodal is 12 kilometers southwest of Walajabad and 16 kilometers southeast of Kancheepuram. Cross the Paalar River at Walajabad and at the Avalur crossing take a right and then the left and drive through Tammanur, Kambarajapuram and Kavanthandalam to reach Silambeswarar Sivan Thirukoodal which will be to your right and visible from the main road. This road will continue onto Magaral. When coming from Kancheepuram cross Magaral to reach this temple.

Stay and Food

None locally. Walajabad and Kancheepuram are the nearest places for food.

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