Kancheepuram Saivite Temples

Kancheepuram Saivite Temples

Agastheeswarar, Kelar

The original temple has been lost. The shiva lingam is a beautiful one with 16 sides.

Agastheeswarar, Ullavoor

The temple presents a picture of beauty in its surroundings.

Chockeeswarar, Kancheepuram

This ancient temple is in the control of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Kachabeswarar, Kancheepuram

The architecture and sculpture here belong to the Pallava Period and requires special mention.

Kailasanadar, Ayyampettai

This is a beautifully maintained small and old temple.

Kailasanadar, Kancheepuram

An Archaeological wonder pre-dating the Thanjavur Big Temple and an inspiration for it.

Mukteeswarar, Kancheepuram

Thirukurippu Thondar, one of the 63 Nayanmars, lived and attained salvation here.

Iravatheeswarar, Kancheepuram

A small and ancient temple filled with beautiful sculptures all around.

Piravatheeswarar, Kancheepuram

An Ancient temple under the control of ASI.

Ramalingeswarar, Thimmarajpet

A small and well maintained temple.

Sidheeswarar, Kancheepuram

This temple was frequented by a number of Sidhdhars in olden days and thus the name of the Lord came about.

Jurahareswarar, Kancheepuram

Jurahareswara Kancheepuram

An architectural marvel maintained by the Architectural Survey of India (ASI). It is also called Iravataneswara Temple.

Kayarohaneswarar, Kanchipuram

Kayarohaneswarar Kanchipuram

The Kayarohana Theertham in this Guru Sthalam finds special mention in the Kanchi Puranam for its greatness.

Soleeswarar, Kanchipuram

Soleeswarar Kanchipuram

This temple is unique with the presence of 8 Bhairavas in the form of Shiva Lingams.

Santhaleswarar, Kancheepuram

This ancient temple’s Lingam is believed to have been installed and worshiped  by Sage Vyasa.

Abathsahayeswarar, Thenneri

A beautiful Anjaneya is seen in front of Mahavishnu behind the sanctum sanctorum in this ancient temple.

Kanthalingeswarar, Thenneri

The stone inscriptions here mention the procedures of election, formation of village committee, members eligibility and administrative process.

Kalakandeswarar, Kunnam

A large temple tank is opposite this old, but recently renovated temple.

Mahadevar, Idayarpakkam

The back of the sanctum sanctorum is in a circular form, a Gajaprashta Vimaanam with a top portion that has fallen off through the ages.

Pattamudeeswarar, Pichivakkam

This ancient temple presents a beautiful picture built amidst lush green paddy fields.

Mahalingeswarar, Uthukadu

The ancient dilapidated temple has been recently renovated. Two ancient Nandis are found in the open ground outside.

Brahmapureeswarar, Thenambakkam

Mahaswami, the 68th Jagadguru of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, spent a long time in this temple and that room is a shrine here.

Kailasanadar, Govindavadi

This temple is famous as a Guru (Dakshinamurthy) Sthalam and his idol here is unique in representation.

Kasiviswanathar, Thimmayanpet

This temple is one of Pancha Kashi temples located around the area for Lord Kashi Viswanathar.

Kasiviswanathar, Karukkupettai

This is one of the Pancha Kashi shrines in the region. The others are nearby and around the area.

Parasurameswarar, Pallur

The temple is situated in the middle of fields and presents a beautiful picture.

Punyakoteeswarar, Kancheepuram

This temple has many pillars which are beautifully carved with motifs and deities.

Sivan, Kooram

This temple was constructed by Prameswara Varman I during the 7th Century CE.

Thirumaleeswarar, Singadivakkam

The lord here got his name as Vishnu is believed to have been worshiped him here.

Thirubhuvaneswarar, S Kolathur

This is an ancient east facing temple set amidst beautiful fields and a serene location.

Thiruvaleeswarar, Pusivakkam

This temple is an old east facing temple situated amongst beautiful lush green paddy fields.

Vazhakarutheeswarar, Kancheepuram

The main deity is a 16 faced Lingam and situated about 4 feet below ground level.

Manikandeswarar, Kancheepuram

The Nandi here is huge and wonderfully sculpted out of a single stone.

Panaamudeeswarar, Kancheepuram

This is an ancient temple with many stone inscriptions indicating its antiquity and importance.

Kizhakku Kailasanadar, Sevilimedu

This ancient temple is one of the two Kailasanadar Temples located in the area.

Kailasanadar, Sevilimedu

This is a Raghu and Kethu sthalam with their shrines situated beautifully on the banks of the temple tank.

Ambalavaneswarar, Angambakkam

This temple is situated on the south banks of the Paalar River.

Singeeswarar, Avalur

The great saint of Kanchi stayed and worshiped the lord here for 10 days.

Ekambareswarar, Tammanur

A beautiful carving from an episode of Ramayana is found in the walls of this temple.

Kasi Viswanathar, Kavanthandalam

This is a lost temple on the banks of the Cheyyar River which has been rebuilt in recent times.

Choleeswarar, Kavanthandalam

The main deity here is believed to have been installed and worshiped by Sage Kashyapa.

Silambeswarar, Sivan Thirukoodal

This is an ancient temple which has dilapidated completely forcing a new construction nearby.

Varaheeswarar, Dhaamal

This is a newly renovated temple right on the Bangalore highway after Kancheepuram.

Choleeswarar, Kavanthandalam

The main deity here is believed to have been installed and worshiped by Sage Kashyapa.

Silambeswarar, Sivan Thirukoodal

This is an ancient temple which has dilapidated completely forcing a new construction nearby.

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