Thirukazhukundram Saivite Temples

Thirukazhukundram Saivite Temples

Bakthawatsaleswarar, Thirukazhukundram

This temple is more than 1500 years old and has been served by many dynasties of Kings including Pallavas and Vijayanagar.

Rudrakoteeswarar, Thirukazhukundram

While the most famous Shiva temples are considered his body parts, this temple is considered his Heart.

Vadamalleeswarar, Oragadam

This is an ancient hill temple with a Gajaprastha Vimaanam and a beautiful Pond opposite.

Abhimukteeswarar, Nemili

This ancient temple’s base is full of stone inscriptions indicating its antiquity.

Agnipureeswarar, Vazhavadur

This ancient temple was completely lost and has been built up recently.

Asthrapureeswarar, Anoor

The original temple is said to have been built by the Pallavas in the 7th Century CE.

Kailasanadar, Pandur

This ancient eats facing temple has an entrance from the south and is in a serene location.

Munkudumeeswarar, Ponvilaindha Kalathur

The lord is believed to have appeared here with a tuft of hair in front.

Thiruvaleeswarar, Pudupakkam

This is a very ancient temple with some excellent carvings all around.

Thirukandeeswarar, Vallipuram

The presence of Appar’s idol separately here is believed to indicate his visit in the ancient times.

Thiruvaleeswarar, Nerumbur

A Pallava period temple served by Vijayanagar Kings is on the verge of being lost forever.

Aadhipureeswarar, Ponvilaindha Kalathur

This is a very ancient temple with some excellent carvings all around.

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