Pachaivannar Agaramel

Pachaivannar Agaramel

Vaishnavite Temples, Thiruvallur District


 Sreeharidavarana Perumal, facing east


Amirthavalli Thaayar, facing east

Other Deities

Anjaneyar, Garuda, Azhwars, Aandal, Mudhaliandan, Ramanujar, Ananthan, Vishwaksenar, Manavala Mamunigal

Pachaivannar Agaramel Temple in Nazarethpet faces east with a large 5 tier Rajagopuram. The temple has a single well maintained Prakaram. The Temple Tank is in the northeast. Mudhaliandan – a nephew of Ramanujar was born here. He has an important shrine facing south before the main sanctum sanctorum.

Holy Water – Dharma Pushkarini

Holy Tree – No information

Vimaanam – Dharmakoti Vimaanam


Mudaliandan, also known as Daasarathi, was born here in 1027 CE to Anantha Narayana Dikshitar and Nachiyaramma, who was a sister of the great Vaishnavite Saint Ramanujar (1017–1137 CE). He, along with Koorathazhwaar, was a prominent disciple of Ramanujar. He was the head of all disciples of Ramanujar thus earning the name Mudaliandan. He  is believed to have lived for 105 years till 1132. Chola and Vijayanagar Kings have developed and rendered service to Pachaivannar Agaramel temple.


Pachaivannar Agaramel is connected with the Mahabaratha. Yudhishtra, the eldest of the five Pandava Princes, in order to bring about the fall of Ashwathama, son of his Guru Drona, uttered a statement to him that Ashwathama (‘the elephant’ in an undertone) is dead. Drona who was distracted sat down to meditate and was beheaded by Dhrishtadyumna. To rid himself of this sin, Yudhistra performed a yagna in this site on the advise of Sage Narada. Lord Krishna appeared in the form of a green elephant from the fire and blessed him. Thus the lord here at Pachaivannar Agaramel is called as Haritha Varana Perumal or Pachai Varna Perumal in Tamil (Haritha/Pachai means Green and Varana/Varna means Elephant/Color in Sanskrit/Tamil respectively).

Mudaliandan was born here at Pachaivannar Agaramel in the year 1027 after his parents were blessed by Lord Rama in their dreams.


Immediately after Poonamallee take a left to Nazarethpet before motel highway on the Bangalore highway. Drive straight for about a kilometer to reach Pachaivannar Agaramel on the right side of the road.

Stay and Food

There are a few restaurants in Poonamallee. Motel Highway nearby in the highway is a decent place to eat.

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