Kancheepuram Other Temples

Kancheepuram Other Temples

Kamakshiamman, Kancheepuram

Kamakshiamman is seated in a majestic Padmasana, an yogic posture signifying peace and prosperity.

Kumarakottam, Kancheepuram

Saint Kachiyappa Sivachariyar wrote his Skanda Puranam here and the lord used to correct it overnight.

Ellamman, Uthukadu

This is a very popular temple and you can see a large crowd preparing offerings to the deity on festival days.

Balasubramanayan, Ilayanarveloor

This is an ancient temple connected to both Kadambanathar temple and Uthiramerur Temple by legend.

Sanjeevirayar, Ayyangarkulam

The stepwell connected to this temple on the other bank of the lake is a must visit site.

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