Other Temples Thiruvannamalai

Other Temples - Thiruvannamalai

Cave Temple, Kuranganilmuttam

This below the ground level cave temple is said to to have been created by Mahendravarman I.

Cave Temples, Mamandur

This is a group of 4 excavations on rock surfaces of a single long hill running north-south.

Periyanayaki Amman, Devikapuram

This is probably the largest Amman Temple in Tamilnadu and is the goddess shrine of the nearby Shiva Hill Temple.

Pachaiamman, Munugapet

This ancient temple is connected with the killing of Surapadman.

Subramaniaswamy, Sevoor

This is a beautiful little temple that has been rebuilt in recent times.

Renukambal, Padavedu

This temple is connected with the legend of Sage Jamadagni and Parashurama.

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