Kancheepuram Vaishnavite Temples

Kancheepuram Vaishnavite Temples

Aadhinarayanar, Kunnavakkam

An old Balipeedam and Stone Dwajasthambam give an indication of the temple from ancient times.

Damodarar, Dhaamal

The Main deity has a mark representing the story of Yashoda tying Krishna to a grinding stone with a rope.

Lakshminarasimhar, Pazhayaseevaram

It is said that the stone to carve the idol of Lord Varadaja Perumal at Kancheepuram was taken from here.

Pachaivannar Kancheepuram

The lord here is in standing posture and green, emerald in color and hence the name.

Prasanna Venkateswarar, Ullavoor

An ancient temple which has been wasted away by time and civilization presenting a sad picture today.

Kariyamanicka Perumal, Purisai

The gardens have many flowering plants, a Goshala and a small and beautiful temple tank.

Srinivasaperumal, Agaram

The lord isĀ facing west in this beautiful and ancient temple with lush green fields all around.

Pattabhiramar, Thiruvenkaranai

The original temple was found buried and had to be lifted up and a new structure constructed.

Aadhikesava Perumal, Kooram

This is the birthplace of Koorathazhwar, a prominent disciple of the great saint Ramanujar.

Srinivasa Perumal, Ayyampet

An ancient deity, installed in a beautifully renovated temple.

Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal, Sevilimedu

This is where the Utsavar of Varadaraja Perumal Temple is said to have taken asylum during Muslim invasions.

Lakshmi Narayana Perumal, Kavanthandalam

This is a small temple in a village which has two Shiva Temples.

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