Saivite Temples – Chennai

Saivite Temples - Chennai

Aadhipureeswarar, Pallikaranai

Anjaneya and Ganesha can be viewed from the same spot in this ancient temple built during the Chola period.

Ekambareswarar, Aminjikarai

This beautiful temple provides one with the much needed peace in this busy area,

Kasi Viswanathar, Ayanavaram

This temple was built in 1804 by two Gujarati women who brought the Lingam from Kasi.

Parasuramalingeswarar, Ayanavaram

The Shiva Lingam here is said to change color according to the season between black and a golden hue. It is also said to exude heat at times.

Chennamalleswarar, Pookkadai

A large and beautiful temple along with the adjoining Vishnu Temple is like an oasis in this busy area.

Adhipureeswarar, Chindadripet

This temple along with the adjoining Vishnu temple was built by an agent (dubash) working under the British East India Company in 1740’s.

Arthanareeswarar, Egmore

Thirunavukkarasar has mentioned this temple in one of his Hymns and hence this is a Vaippu Sthalam.

Ekambareswarar, Nanmangalam

A small and nicely maintained ancient temple with a 3 tier Gopuram at the entrance.

Gangadareeswarar, Purasawalkam

This is one of the oldest temples in Chennai District dating back to the times of the Cholas.

Karaneeswarar, Mylapore

This is one of the Sapta Sthana Shiva temples in Mylapore (seven sacred Shiva temples in Mylapore) attributed to the great Sages.

Kasi Viswanathar, West Mambalam

This area called Mahabilam used to be frequented by Saints who bathed in the pond here and prayed to the Vilva Trees considering them as lord Shiva himself.

Kurungaleeswarar, Koyambedu

This ancient, beautiful and large temple is connected with the legend of Sage Valimki and Lava, Kusha, sons of Lord Rama.

Vedapureeswarar, Madipakkam

A small temple but is believed to be very ancient, at least the Lingam.

Malleeswarar, Mylapore

One of the Saptha Sthana Temples of Mylapore this area was once a forest of Jasmines and so the Lord here is called Malleeswarar.

Nandeeswarar, Alandur

Stone inscriptions found in the Thiruvotriyur Temple refer to the existence of this temple about 800 years back.

Karaneeswarar, Saidapet

A nice large and spacious temple. An evening spent here peacefully would be great for the mind.

Theerthabaleeswarar, Mylapore

This is one of the seven Sapthasthana (Saptha meaning seven) temples for Shiva in Mylapore worshiped by the great rishis.

Thiruvetteeswarar, Triplicane

The Nawabs of Arcot have contributed to this temple. Even today the local Muslims provide the milk for Naivedyam.

Vaaleeswarar, Mylapore

This is one of the seven Sapthasthana temples for Shiva in Mylapore, where Vaali has done penance.

Virubatcheeswarar, Mylapore

This beautiful temple adjoining the temple tank is from the 17th Century CE.

Dharmalingeswarar, Madipakkam

This ancient temple dates back to the sixth year of the rule of Raja Raja Chola.

Katchaleeswarar, Mannady

The roof of the Navagraha mandapam is sculpted with the 12 zodiac signs, 27 stars, 60 years, the four yugas and the ashtadik baalakas.

Arunachaleswarar, Sowcarpet

This is a large east facing temple with a 5 tiered Rajagopuram at the entrance.

Ekambareswarar, Sowcarpet

Almost all temples in the area have many Naagar (Snake) idols in different forms in regular worship and even more here than others.

Kasiviswanathar, Seven Wells

A very busy and crowded temple particularly more during the sabarimala season and other festivals.

Mallikeswarar, Mannady

The ancient temple was said to have been buried under sand and had to be dug up and hence the place also came to be called Mannadi.

Mallikeswarar, Ashok Nagar

The original temple was supposedly buried underground, discovered during some excavation work and reinstated.

Agasteeswarar, Nungambakkam

The great Sage of Kanchi stayed here for 60 days and provided one handful of rice and ten paisa each to the needy people during the shortage of 1965.

Vengeeswarar, Vadapalani

Under threat during the expansion of the ring road this ancient temple fortunately did not suffer and today throngs with people from all over.

Dhandeeswarar, Velachery

Yama, the god of death, is believed to have done penance here to seek the pardon and blessings of the lord after he lost his strength when he was kicked in the chest by him.

Agasteeswarar, Villiwakkam

There is a separate shrine outside for Veerabhadra in the south where you see Daksha bowing to him.

Azhikandeswarar, Thuraipakkam

The ancient Lingam was discovered buried in the locality and the temple was built up.

Kamakala Kameswarar, Triplicane

This is a very small temple with a small whitish Shiva Lingam.

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