Uthiramerur Saivite Temples

Uthiramerur Saivite Temples

Brahmapureeswarar, Perunagar

Kachiappa Sivacharyar who lived more than 1100 years ago has composed a hymn on the Lord of this temple.

Irattaithaleeswarar, Uthirumerur

This is an ancient temple going back to the period of Rajaraja Chola I and built by the people of the village.

Kailasanadar, Uthiramerur

This temple has several inscriptions from the Chola Era, Nayak Kings and Vijayanagar period.

Kedareeswarar, Uthiramerur

This small, but ancient temple was built by Kulothunga Chola II.

Sivan, Melpakkam

This is a small and old temple with a beautiful temple tank.

Kumareswarar, Perunkozhi

This is an old temple which has dilapidated almost completely now.

Vanasundareswarar, Manampathi

The 63 Nayanmar idols here are made of Panchaloha, an alloy of 5 metals.

Viswanathar, Karuveppampoondi

This is an ancient temple almost completely lost over time.

Somanatheeswarar, Marutham

This temple is situated in the middle of the village and should have occupied a large space in the olden days.

Kadambanathar, Kadambar Koil

The river Cheyyar flows south to north here similar to the Ganges in Kasi.

Rudravaleeswarar, Pullambakkam

This is an ancient brick temple that is in a state of neglect now.

Vaseeswarar, Vayalakavur

On the walls where usually you see the Nandis in reclining posture are seen here in sitting posture as Nandikeswara.

Marudeeswarar, Neyyadupakkam

The beautifully carved Dakshinamurthy and other idols are a specialty here along with the bird song all around.

Prithigangeswarar, Neyyadupakkam

This is a beautiful temple situated in a beautiful location alongside the Cheyyar River.

Agasteeswarar, Ozhugarai

This is a small and old temple set amidst shady trees with entrance from the south.


The beautiful and majestic idols here are a marvel along with the Simha Dakshinamurthy.

Kailasanadar, Vendivakkam

This is a beautiful and old temple which has been renovated in recent times.

Agasteeswarar, Porpandal

There are two each of the Lord Shiva, Nandi and Amman here.

Azhageeswarar, Kumaravadi

This is an ancient temple with lot of inscriptions all around.

Kailasanadar, Sathananchery

This is a Pallava era temple with an inscription estimated to belong to 1260 and 1270 CE.

Kailasanadar, Mulaginimeni

A large temple tank, banyan tree and Amman temple are found near this old temple.

Mallikatheeswarar, Karumbakkam

This is a beautifully maintained temple with  a lot of shrines, flowering plants and trees around.

Mukteeswarar, Edamachi

There are some amazingly carved idols in this ancient temple.

Runahareswarar, Kidangarai

This is an old, lost temple where local people are struggling to construct a new one.

Swarnapureeswarar, Pulipakkam

This is a completely dilapidated ancient temple where the Lord is awaiting attention from his devotees.

Thiruvaleeswarar, Thiruvanaikoil

This is an ancient temple filled with shade giving trees in a serene location.

Runahareswarar, Kidangarai

This is an old, lost temple where local people are struggling to construct a new one.

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